Halo Reach: Elite



Full Name: Sangheili

Affiliation: Covenant

Sinewy and extremely tall saurians. Following the First of Battle of Harvest in 2525 this species has been observed exclusively as the leadership of the Covenant in all military engagements. They are disciplined and proficient combatants.


Halo Reach: Skirmisher



Full Name: Kig-Yar

Affiliation: Covenant

The Jackal and Skirmisher are of the same species, with the larger, more heavily muscled specimens comprising grenadier-type units (Skirmishers) and the smaller, more lightly built specimens seeing deployment as dedicated ranger or sniper units (Jackals). This is a significant change from engagements prior to 2530 when mixed units were more common.

Halo Reach: Grunt



Full Name: Unggoy

Affiliation: Covenant

Short and broad bipedal arthropods. Typically travel in groups up to eight. Lack discipline; tend to panic once local command has been eliminated. This will occasionally manifest itself as a suicidal attempt to eliminate the forces that eliminated its commander(s). 

Halo Reach: Spirit

Affiliation: Covenant


The Type-25 Troop Carrier (or T25 TC) is also known as the Spirit, although it is almost universally identified as troop carrier or dropship. It is capable of carrying up to 30 infantry and 2 vehicles. It is armed with one heavy plasma auto-cannon.

Halo Reach: Falcon

Affiliation: UNSC


The UH-144 is a versatile, transverse-rotor multipurpose utility helicopter. Two Falcons can transport a fully-equipped infantry squad faster than any previous system, and provide overwhelming support fire, in most weather conditions.

Halo Reach Interview Video

This video is amazing! It shows video footage of Reach as well as interviews with the creators! They show all the new things that will be put into Reach and it looks awesome! i am absolutely amazed at how great the game looks! You must watch this!

Halo Reach: Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR)

Affiliation: UNSC


The DMR (more formally the Designated Marksman Rifle, Caliber 7.62 mm, M392) is an air-cooled, gas-operated rifle firing 7.62x51mm ammunition.Although it saw more widespread use throughout all branches of the UNSC prior to 2548, it has since been superseded in use by the BR55 in all branches but the Army.

This is new weapon added to the game. After viewing the Halo Reach trailer, we can conclude that this is headshot friendly weapom. Use  from medium to long range and pick off your enemies on by one. Similar to the sniper rifle although best used when mobile.