Halo Reach Game Modes Revealed

Well, with the Halo Reach Beta just around the corner, Bungie is giving us another bit of information. They have given up Armor Abilities and Maps, but the missing piece is the actual game types they have built. Well, Bungie has finally decided to release the information. These Game Types are called:

  1. Headhunter
  2. Stockpile
  3. Generator Defense
  4. Invasion

Please enjoy reading all about the new Game Types:


Alright, this game sounds like a lot of fun. Basically, the objective is to the score the most points for your team by delivering skulls to the extraction point that moves. When someone is killed, they drop the skulls that they are carrying. If they do not have any skulls, they drop one skull. So, you need to collect as many skulls as you can to help you and your team to win. You can carry as many skulls as you want and you will have full access to all your weapons and armor abilities. The downside is all enemies can see a number of how many skulls you have above your head. If you have a lot of skulls, don’t be surprised if the entire enemy team somes after you!

Above is a picture of someone dying while having 8 skulls in their possession. It would really suck, in my opinion, if you decided to be greedy and keep taking skulls and decide to deliver them all in the end. Once you have 11 skulls and get killed, it would be really sad to see all 11 skulls hit the ground and watch the enemy take them.


  • Don’t be aggressive, wait for the right enemy and strike
  • Don’t be greedy, deliver skulls as frequent as possible
  • Stay stealthy and use the Sprint Armor Ability!


This is described like Capture the Flag meets Territories. There are 4 neutral flags that spawn randomly around the map. The objective is simple, grab a flag and take it to the enemy base where the extraction point is to score a point. Although, there is a twist. The flag must be there for 60 seconds. Knowing that this is only a 10 minute game, players may find themselves racing against the clock.

This picture above shows someone using the armor lock ability to protect theirself and flag.


  • Use the Armor Lock as you Armor Ability!
  • Try to be stealthy
  • Have a sniper pick off any enemies that get in your way as the flag carrier
  • Use a warthog and have a team of players help the flagrunner score the point

Generator Defense

Here is an extremely tactical Halo Reach Game Mode. Basically, there are 2 rounds of 5 minutes with 3 people on each team (2 teams). One team are Spartans and the other team are elites. Spartans as defenders and supposed to defend the generators from elites. Elites are attackers. They are supposed to get around Spartans and destroy the generators. Each team of three will get a chance to be both Spartans and Elites. When a Spartan player dies, he can not return to defending. When an elite dies, they can respawn again. It is not an easy task for Spartans. The Elites in Halo Reach are bigger, faster and stronger. But, because of their size, they are easier to hit.

At the beginning of each match, 3 crates of random weapons are dropped around the map equal distance to Spartans and elites. They can contain Sniper Rifles, Rocket Launchers, or Spartan Lasers. Spartans will have to choose if they want to get the weapons then go to the generators or go to the generators first and risk giving the elites the powerful weaponry.

For Spartan Advantages, they have an ability set called Generator Lock. A Spartan can go up to a Generator and press X to lock it down for 30 seconds so Elites can not cause damage to it for that time. Although, Spartans have a cool off time before they may lock down another Generator. This tactical game type takes place on Overlook on the Beta and should be really fun!


  • If you are a Spartan man your post and only attack when the Elite is in range
  • Use a Jet Pack because height is a huge advantage in this game
  • Elites should try and stay hidden, stealth is a major key to winning this game for Elites
  • Use the Generator Lock only when necessary!


Again, Bungie is trying to keep this game type very secretive because the only map that you will be able to play this game type on is Boneyard. But, information is released and I think I have a pretty good idea of what it’s about. It is basically a 6 on 6 slayer map with mass amounts of vehicles and strong weapons. Boneyard is a multi complex map that is supposed to be bigger than Sandtrap! This will defiantly be a good vehicle map


  • Use whatever Armor Ability that makes you play better
  • Playing Aggressive or not is your choice
  • Kill at Will!


There are still modes and variants such as Slayer, King of the Hill, one-flag CTF, and three-plot Territories for those that like the original. There is also a pro slayer variant where you start out with only DMR’s and Needle Rifles as well as the Sprint Armor Ability. Also there is no motion tracker.


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  2. If the elites travel in coordinated pack like formation and all focus on one spartan, this would be a huge advantage for them.

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