Halo Reach Beta Stats Breakdown

Hey everyone! I just wanted to say that we apologize for not posting relevant information on Reach in a while. A lot of info has come out and we will keep you updated from now on. Recently, Bungie gave us fans the breakdown on how the Beta’s game play stats will be shown on Bungie.net!

The following stats will be visible about all Halo Reach Beta users on Bungie.net

Service Record:

  • Game History List
  • Post Game Carnage Reports

Career Stats:

  • Stats by Game Type
  • Stats by Map
  • Commendations

File Share:

  • Screenshots
  • Films
  • Rendered Videos

Global Stuff:

  • Some Global Stats
  • Playlist
  • Unified File Searching (tag searches on bungie.net work in-game and vice-versa)
  • File Download/Upload to Xbox
  • File Rating and Tagging (connected to in game ratings and tags).
  • Rendering of Reach Films (with Bungie Pro and Render Minutes)

Long story short, there is so much different information that you can gather from bungie.net.There are stats on weapons and how many kills you have with each weapon. File share can be viewed and downloaded straight to your xbox gamertag.

Tom Gioconda Explains

We have a bunch of nifty new stats that are interesting – average kill distance and average death distance are early favorites. Many players who aren’t familiar with Bungie.net may not realize we added file tagging and searching to Halo 3 a while ago, it will be cool to see them get used by the full population. And, of course, video rendering was added really late to Halo 3, and we have it for the Beta for Reach.

Here is another photo of extra carnage stats:

But remember all of this can only be accessed at http://www.bungie.net on May 3rd!


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  1. Can’t wait for this.. OMG!!!! Fast forward my life plz 🙂

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