Halo Reach: Boneyard, Invasion and Much, Much More!

Hey everyone! Bungie has just released some great info on Halo Reach this week! We will be talking about Invasion, Boneyard, Loadouts, vehicles, and weapons on Boneyard, Controls, and much more! So lets get started!

Below is an area of Boneyard in March.

When the Bungie teams got thier hands on this place, they turned it into this:

Amazing what Bungie did with the map in only a few months. No extra space was added and this is the same area. Bungie informs that The first space you need to be familiar with is the exterior expanse set between the cliff wall and the frigate itself. This ground is where the attacking Elites will be spawning at the outset the match. Scraps from derelict and dismantled machinery provide plenty of cover from the hail of DMR fire the Spartans will be raining down on you from above.

Invasion is supposivly bigger than Sandtrap. There is a large inside that can be infiltrated at many, many points. Keep moving! Camping will do you no good. There are simply too many places to go, so there will be no one central area for fighting! Finish the Fight!

Ok, so oyu guys have gotten an inside scoop on the Halo Reach Map Boneyard which Bungie decided to keep a secret until now. And, of course, this is not the only secret Bungie has kept, yes i’m talking about Invasion. This gametype sounds completely different and way better than what we anticipated. Lets give you the break down:

There will be two sides of Spartans and Elites (Like Generator Defence) that go through 3 phases of objectives. In the end, it is likely that, either side will be ready to commence a madd execution on the other side.  Now, the story goes down like this: Elites were dropped off on docks to steal much needed data. Spartans hit the drop to try and stop them. Easy…

Phase 1:

Ok, so phase one starts out with Elites trying to get through a locked door. The only way to do this is by destroying one of the two generators found in the commonwealth. It takes 20 seconds to power the locked doors down, but you only have 4 minutes. But, remember, you got those Spartans Soldiers standing in your way. Good luck. If Elites can not destroy the generator, Spartans win.

Elite Loadouts

  • Warrior (Plasma Repeater, Plasma Pistol, 2 Plasma Grenades, Evade)
  • Assassin (Needler, No Secondary, 1 Plasma Grenade, Active Camo) – only available in Invasion, not Invasion Slayer

Spartan Loadouts

  • Scout (AR, Magnum, 2 Frags, Sprint)
  • Marksman (DMR, No Secondary, 1 Frag, Sprint) – only available in Invasion, not Invasion Slayer

Vehicles On Map

  • NONE

Phase 2:

If Elites do make it past the door, a new objective awaits. Here, again, the same concept as in  phase 1 is in effect. Elites need to stand in one of the three territories in the area for 20 seconds. Spartans will be there to stop them, and Elites only get an editional 4 minutes added to whatever time you have left over from phase 2. Once the security is down, the data core is there for taking.


Elite Loadouts

  • Dark Assassin (Needler, Plasma Pistol, 2 Plasma Grenades, Active Camo)
  • Zealot (Needle Rifle, Plasma Pistol, 2 Plasma Grenades, Evade)

Spartan Loadouts

  • Guard (AR, Magnum, 2 Frags, Armor Lock)
  • Recon Marksman (DMR, Magnum, 2 Frags, Sprint)

Vehicles On Map

  • Warthog
  • Ghost
  • Wraith

Phase 3:

Now, for elites to win the game, they need to snatch the Data Core, run outside and deliver it to the Phantom. Yep, you can’t do it alone, especially in only 4 minutes. That’s why you are hooked up with the following loadouts and vehicles.

Elite Loadouts

  • Ranger (Plasma Repeater, Plasma Pistol, 2 Plasma Grenades, Jetpack)
  • Royal Zealot (Needle Rifle, Plasma Repeater, 3 Plasma Grenades, Evade)
  • Gladiator (Energy Sword, Plasma Repeater, 2 Plasma grenades, Evade)
  • Champion Assassin (Needler, Plasma Repeater, 3 Plasma Grenades, Active Camo)

Spartan Loadouts

  • Airborne (AR, Magnum, 2 Frags, Jetpack)
  • Expert Marksman (DMR, AR, 3 Frags, Sprint)
  • Operator (Shotgun, Magnum, 3 Frags, Armor Lock)
  • Grenadier (Grenade Launcher, AR, 3 Frags, Sprint)

Vehicles On Map

  • Warthog
  • Scorpion
  • Ghost
  • Banshee
  • Wraith

So basically, Spartans are hanging in, trying to stop the Elites from finishing an objective. If Elites can not finish a phase in 4 minutes at anytime, Spartans win!

People really beleived that Invasion would be an all out slayer game. Well, they are still right. Bungie also unleashed a new gamemode called Invasion Slayer. Lets break this down:

This is first team of spartans or elites to 100 kills. There are 3 Phases each making drops by enemey better. Check them out

Phase 1 (0-25 kills, or until the 4 minute marker)

  • Spartan Weapon Drops: Power Weapons (Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle)
  • Elite Weapon Drops: Power Weapons (Plasma Launcher, Focus Rifle), or a Ghost

Phase 2: (26-50 kills, or until the 8 minute marker)

  • Spartan Weapon Drops: Power Weapons, or a Warthog
  • Elite Weapon Drops: Power Weapons, or a Ghost, or a Banshee

Phase 3: (51-75 kills, or until the 12 minute marker)

  • Spartan Weapon Drops: Power Weapons, or a Warthog, or a Scorpion
  • Elite Weapon Drops: Power Weapons, or a Ghost, or a Banshee, or a Wraith

Gametype Durations for Beta

Now, as some of you may know, all the Gametypes will not be released at once.

  • Grab Bag – May 3
  • FFA – May 3
  • Arena – May 3
  • Invasion – May 7
  • Network Test 1/Generator Defense – May 14
  • Bungie does not want us to expect the Beta going any less than two weeks or any more than a month.

    Stuff Not in Beta

    Bungie quotes what will not be in the Beta on May 3rd (These will be in the actual game)

    Seems there was a bit of confusion coming out of the most recent press previews (and from some of leftovers we neglected to strip out of the menus. Whoops!). Here’s some stuff you won’t find in the Beta (it’s super awesome): Scarabs, the Mongoose, Night Vision, Brutes, Push to Talk, Race, Squad Regrouping, puppies that never die, that purple WIP map from the ViDoc, Team Chat, melees from behind that don’t kill dudes with one pop, muffin tops, Bumper Jumper…oh wait, Bumper Jumper is back.


    Last but not least, Bungie has finally revelaed the different control sets for Halo Reach. They are a little different, so get used to using these new and improved controls! The Controls on the D-Pad are probably the biggest change in controls:

    Above are the Default controls. If you cannot read the picture, here is what the buttons do:

    1. LT: Use grenade
    2. LB: Use Equipment
    3. RT: Use weapon
    4. RB: Melee Attack
    5. Start: Game Menu
    6. Back: Multiplayer Score
    7. LS: Crouch (Click)
    8. RS: Zoom View (Click)
    9. D-Pad Up: Team Chat
    10. D-Pad Left: Night Vision
    11. D Pad- Down: Open Mic/ Regroup
    12. Y: Swap Weapon
    13. X: Action/ Reload
    14. A: Jump
    15. B: Switch Grenade

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