Missile Pod

When attached to its base it has unlimited ammo. It should be used on its base because it is very powerful and useful for the only chance you have to use it. On Mission 6: NMPD HQ, you can use these when they are attached at the end of the mission. It has homing capability if shot at a vehicle, and a direct hit defeats an infantry target, but it is difficult to aim at infantry targets. In multiplayer, since it is never found on its base and has a long respawn period, in team play, your team should reserve its missile pod for killing vehicles, particularly banshees. When carrying this detached weapon the camera switches to third person, your movement speed decreases, and you cannot throw grenades.


Plasma Turret

The covenant version of the machine gun turret. It is more effective against shields and less effective against skin than the machine gun turret. On its base it has unlimited ammo, but the operator is vunerable to sniping. When carrying this detached weapon, the camera switches to third person, movement speed is decreased, and grenades cannot be used. Effective against all enemies.


The only support weapon never found on its base. The only one available in the campaign is on Mission 8: Data Hive. It burns most enemies to death quickly, but has very limited effective range. Killing ten enemies with the flamethrower in campaign earns you the I Like Fire achievement. When carrying this weapon, the camera is switched to third person, your movement speed is reduced, and you can not throw grenades.

Chaingun Turret

When wrenched off, carrying this turret causes the camera to enter third person. The user thisdetached turret has reduced movement speed and can not throw grenades. A turret on it’s base has unlimited ammo, but the operator can not move and is vunerable to snipers. Great for use against any enemy, as it is very powerful to compensate the downfalls of using it.