An automatic weapon employed by the brutes. It preforms adequately against most enemies, but excels against none. It is a good choice against brute stalkers in daylight, for the spikes reveal their locations without use of the VISR, which blinds you. In multiplayer it can be dual wielded.


Spartan Laser

A direct hit kills any covenant targets, except phantoms. During the charge up, release the trigger to cancel the shot with no penalty. It should be used on Chieftans, Hunters, or vehicles. In close combat, it is a poor choice because of its slow charge time. Handing this weapon to a marine is a good idea, the marine will have unlimited ammo.


With a Needler, you can shoot needles at a target, which will explode if enough hit. It can not set off explosive items. Effective on both brutes and grunts, but to conserve its limited ammo, use it on brutes only. The “Pink and Deadly” achievement requires the player to use this weapon to get ten supercombine kills on any covenant, in  one campaign or firefight mission.

Plasma Pistol

Good assist weapon, as the overcharge drops shields instantly, so switch to another weapon to kill. In multiplayer, it is best dual wielded with a bullet-based weapon. Primary fire mode is very weak. An overcharge shot temporarily disables vehicles, making this weapon a good option if you don’t have a Rocket Launcher, Spartan Laser, or Fuel Rod Gun. Holding an overcharge drains the battery.

Rocket Launcher

A feared and dangerous weapon which kill any infantry and some vehicles with a single shot. Best when used against a vehicle, hunter, chieftan, or mob of enemies. Rockets are rarely found, and you can carry little ammunition. You can get caught in the blast at close range, and the rockets are easy to dogde at long range.


Use at close range for extreme damage. Melee attack after shooting to kill survivoirs. Long reload time, but can be interupted after loading a single shot. Defeats lesser foes in one shot, brutes may take too long to kill. In multiplayer, hide the weapon until you are close, smart players run from enemies with shotguns, and the shotgun is useless at long range.

Sniper Rifle

Kill most enemies with a single headshot. In higher difficulties, brutes require two headshots. Can fire four shots in sucession, but has a slower rate of fire than the beam rifle. Terrible at close range, unless you can effectively aim without use of a scope. Respawns slowly in multiplayer.