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Find the Control Room

This level is relatively short, but the first portion can be a complete pain in the ass. But we’ve concocted a method to get you past without firing a single shot. More on that later. For now, follow the cliff edge through a tunnel to find the control room building in a huge field.

As you explore the field, a ton of Flood will drop in from the sky and rain on your parade. However, despite their numbers, they are not infinite, so it’s definitely worth your while to kill them — actually, scratch that, it’s well worth the Arbiter’s time to kill them. For you see, since the Arbiter has infinite bullets and can’t die, he acts as a mobile battle tank, killing anything that crosses his path. As such, use him as a human shield.and let him take care of all the hard work, but keep your melee finger at the ready in case a foe gets too close for comfort.

You’ll have to climb a series of hills and ramps to reach the control room at the top of the building. The first hill is located on the right side of the building. Remember to stay near the arbiter whenever enemies drop in and let him take care of the dirty work. Push forward slowly to activate more enemies, then retreat to the Arbiter for cover. Repeat this as you work your way up the snow-covered hill to the building’s first walkway.

As soon as you step foot on the walkway, a horde of Flood will drop in and they’re armed to the teeth with guns and rocket launchers. Run back down the hill and let the arbiter and flying sentinels deal with them. Once clear, head back up and follow the walkway, but keep your sword at the ready for any Flood that may appear.

As you reach the first hallway, several more Flood will drop in behind you. Let the Arbiter deal with them, while you tackle a few ahead, in conjunction with Sgt. Johnson who’s providing support from a nearby cliff, then continue to a ramp.

After climbing the second ramp, follow the walkway and climb a third ramp up to a locked door.

Guilty Spark won’t open the door until all the Flood are killed, so get your sword or shotgun ready. Grab the invincibility from underneath the overhang )opposite the door) and remain here and pummel the enemy’s as they come to you. Use the Arbiter as a human shield and deploy the invincibility if you begin taking heavy damage.

Now just continue through the hall to eventually meet up with Guilty Spark.

Kill the Monitor, Activate Halo

Guilty Spark may be the easiest boss in any game. He only has two attacks, one of which is harmless. Just keep your distance and shoot at him, while side-stepping the laser. After enough damage, he’ll go down

When he’s down, grab the Spartan Laser from Sgt. Johnson and use it on Guilty Spark. Three charged shots should take him down.

Get to the Frigate

With Guilty Spark destroyed, run back through the halls to the exit leading outside (skip past the Flood, as the Arbiter will deal with them). When at the exit, wait inside for two sentinel droids to float past. If you keep waiting, a single flood will usually take them out, if not, shoot them down. Now run up the snowy bank, right of the door, and let the Arbiter take the lead. Follow him around the snowy ledge to a door, as he takes down everything in sight.

Just dart through the hall, past the Flood. However, when you come across the stretch containing numerous carrier forms, stick to the left wall to find an adjacent hall that’ll allow you to skip past them. Turn left ahead and continue out to find a Warthog. Drive it down the path and follow the snow bank to the right, past the large exploding section to a large portion of Halo, still under construction.

Now this is where the action kicks into high gear. Essentially, you just have to follow the Nav Points without falling through the crumbling floor. You will come across a few Flood along the way, but ignore them completely, as they’re virtually harmless. Also, while it may seem that you have to hustle before Halo’s destroyed, worry not – there’s no actual time limit, so take as much time as you need. Oh, and when you reach the final jump, go as fast as you can!



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Find Cortana

Cortana is easily Halo 3’s most annoying and challenging mission. You’ll be up against what seems to be a near limitless amount of Flood who can destroy you within seconds. Also, because of the Flood’s semi-random, unpredictable nature, offering a strict step-by-step walkthrough to killing the Flood is near-impossible, so instead, we’ve concocted a guide on how to run past most of them! However, before we get to the walkthrough, there are a few basic tips that are essential to completing this level:

Section #1
To get things started, ignore the “infection” Flood for now, and just follow the path up to the first door. You’ll encounter a few Combat forms along the way, but they’re nothing your melee attacks or shotgun can’t handle.

After the first door, head left down the split path and drop through the hole in the floor.

Section #2

Now things start getting difficult, or at least they would if you actually tried to battle the Flood. Instead, we’re going to employ our patented “run past everything” tactic for now.

As soon as you drop in, begin jumping up the ledges on the right (as shown on the map above). Now follow the right wall into a tunnel, leading to a door. You may take some damage, but you should be okay. Just keep running, and jump over any enemies in your path.

Section #3
Follow the path up to another door – you shouldn’t face any resistance here.

Section #4
Turn right to come across a crashed ship. Proceed up a steep ramp on the left of the ship, near its midpoint. Collect the sword on the ground, then drop into the hole at the peak.

Section #5
You’ll drop into a room with a downed purple ship just ahead. Run straight across it (but make sure to collect the Cloak from its right half – you’ll want it soon) and enter a tunnel on the opposite side.

Chug through the tunnel, passing by several carrier types, and continue up the nearby hill. Activate your camouflage near the top, and just run like the dickens, leaping over any enemies in your way. You’ll soon reach another door.

Section #6

This spiraling maze-like room is utterly confusing to navigate, so don’t fret if you get lost a time or two (or a dozen). But we’ll try our best to navigate you through it. Remember, you’re going to run through this entire portion, but keep your sword equipped at all times to kill any enemies in your direct path, if you can’t jump over them.

After running into the room’s center, climb up the ramp on the left side. Hug the right wall closely to collect a Cloaking Device, and continue to follow it into a second tunnel.

Shortly after exiting the second tunnel, look for a gap you can jump on the left. Jump across to a thin strip and use the sword to kill the Flood here. Continue up a tunnel on the right to emerge on the top floor of this room.

Activate your camouflage now and jump across the platforms bordering the left wall to cross over to a door.

Section #7
Just run through the unguarded tunnels through another door.

Section #8
You’ll emerge in a giant, circular room, with a mechanical structure in the center. Run along the path (ignoring the enemies) up to the first locked door. Turn left and walk across a thin bridge leading to the central structure.

Turn right from the central structure and walk across another bridge and continue through a series of blue doors. You’ll soon emerge in a room containing a glowing blue bulb – that’s where Cortana is. Bust it open by meleeing it several times to retrieve her. With Cortana onboard, head back through the blue doors to the large room just before.

Destroy the Reactor

As you step back into the main room, Cortana will inform you that you must destroy the generator. Cross the left bridge back to the central structure (you should pickup a Bubble Shield just before the platform, as shown on the map above), and interact with the control panel to reveal three reactors, surrounding your platform. Toss grenades toward at the platform surround the three reactors to take them out – since all three are nearby, there’s no need to leave the central platform. However, the enemies nearby may prove difficult – take out any on the platform, and deploy a nearby bubble shield to protect against distant fire.

Escape High Charity

Once all three cores are destroyed, you must escape the area. Quickly charge across the metallic bridge and continue through the hallway ahead and drop through a hole.

Essentially, you have to backtrack through the entire level, to a waiting Pelican near the level’s beginning. As long as you keep your energy sword equipped, you can run through most of it, but this first section may prove difficult.

After dropping through the hole mentioned above, have your sword ready and kill anything that stands in your way. You’ll soon come across a ramp on the right – climb it and drop off the far side for a shortcut allowing you to bypass most of the enemies.

When you reach the fallen ship, head straight across it into a hallway. Slash through the enemies here, and watch out for a Brute form – you may want to use a grenades to take him down. Jump into the opening on the right and follow the path up to a hole.

Now follow the left wall, running past all the enemies up to another door. Cortana will soon remark “who would be crazy enough to come here” – follow the right wall from here on out to come across a Pelican you can board to escape the level.

The Covenant

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Deactivate First Barrier Tower

The path to the first tower is full of treachery and pain…unless you skip it entirely with our method. With the exception of a single Grunt, you can actually make your way there without firing a single bullet (which will come in handy later). Intrigued? Keep reading.

After departing from the Pelican, immediately turn left and run between the rocks and head a few feet into the ocean. Now follow the water’s edge up to the base of a huge hill, ignoring the enemies along the way – they can’t target you from this distance, and they won’t follow you either.

Unfortunately, the one downside to this method is that you won’t receive the Warthog that’s delivered after all the enemies are killed, so prepare for a several minute trek up the mountain. Thankfully, you won’t encounter any enemies along the way, and it’s still significantly faster (and easier!) than if you had battled the foes.

The one enemy you must shoot is just after the hill’s crest (just past the fallen tree overhead). As soon as you reach the peak, zoom in and keep moving forward to spot a single Grunt running toward a Ghost – kill him before he hops in. If you screw up, just restart from the nearby checkpoint.

Killing the grunt allows you to use the Ghost uninhibited – this is your key to getting through the next section with ease. Normally, you’d have to battle a Wraith, two prowlers, three ghosts, a turret, and countless enemies. But you can skip right by them with the Ghost’s help.

As soon as you board the Ghost, boost off the cliff edge on the left into the field below (where you’ll find the Wraith). Boost around the large structure to the left (right below the turret), then circle it clockwise to come across a ledge overlooking a ramp, which leads into the first tower (it’s important you approach this from the left, otherwise you’ll be faced with two prowlers that’ll tear you to shreds).

Now here’s the tricky bit: you want to drop onto the ramp without flipping your Ghost – this is usually easiest by dropping into it at a 45 degree angle. As soon as you land, activate your boost and plow through all of the enemies – as for the turret, a direct hit from the Ghost should take it down, otherwise just drive past it, then quickly hop off and go through the door ahead – any enemies you skipped before won’t bother you here!

This room is full of enemies, but if you move quick, you can skip them too! Head left, then jump onto a pair of stacked objects. Now quickly leap into the alcove above, turn right and step onto the elevator and activate the switch to ride it up a floor (you may want to shoot the Grunts on the other side first though).

You’ll emerge in a room full of Brutes, one of whom is wielding a hammer. Needless to say, this is where our “run past everything” strategy comes to an end…for now. We suggest using the glass window both as cover, and to keep a watchful eye on the enemies beyond. If any approach you, melee them to death. Lean around the corner and use the Spartan Laser on any stationary targets for an instant KO, and use the battle rifle on anyone else. Once the room’s cleared out, activate the switch in the back.

Deactivate Final Barrier Tower

Great, towers 1 & 2 are taken care of, but it seems Sgt. Johnson needs some help with the third. Gather grenades from the fallen Brutes, and switch out your Spartan Laser for a Brute Shot, if it’s low on ammo. Now ride the elevator back downstairs.

A new group of enemies are surrounding the exit to this room, and they’ll likely deploy a bubble shield or two. If you’re feeling daring, you can actually right past the enemies to the exit. You may take a few hits, but you should be okay. Otherwise, shoot any targetable enemies from atop the lift (so as to prevent them from throwing grenades at you), then drop down and use the walls for cover as you shoot the rest (use grenades if you have them).

After exiting the room, climb the ramp up to a waiting Warthog. Hop in and race back down the mountain (skip past the enemies), to find a pair of Hornets (aerial vehicles) along the oceanfront.

Board the hornet, as it’s your ticket to the final tower. Up ahead, are numerous Wraiths, Banshees, and Phantoms that wish to put you in an early grave. But thankfully, we’ve devised another method to get you there quickly, without taking damage or firing a single shot! Aren’t we swell?

Keep low and fly straight ahead. Go right around the island with the Wraith, then curve around the mountain on the left (ignore this first tower completely – it’s the one the Arbiter already took care of). As the second tower comes into view, begin your ascent toward the left side of the tower. Fly parallel to the center structure, over a ramp, up to a tunnel (as long as you’re fast, the nearby Wraiths won’t shoot you). Quickly exit the Hornet and enter that tunnel on foot.

Around the corner are three Brutes. Use a well placed grenade, or your guns to take them down, then continue through the door.

Okay, this room sucks. The center contains two hunters, a horde of drones are flying around, and several Brutes await upstairs. We’re going to again suggest employing the “running” method, except you’re going to take some damage this time, so moving fast is imperative.

First, ignore the hunters in the center and head right. Toss a grenade or two to take down all the flying drones (aim for the center of the mass), the continue through a door in the back. Quickly follow the left wall (past some Brutes), jump up a ledge, and continue onto the elevator. Activate it immediately, and then position yourself on its backside to semi-protect yourself. By this point, you likely won’t have any shields remaining, but the ride it long enough to restore them.

This room is very similar to the first tower’s, only instead of a hammer towing Brute, one possesses a turret. We suggest using the glass window both as cover, and to keep a watchful eye on the enemies beyond. If any approach you, melee them to death. Lean around the corner and use the Spartan Laser on any stationary targets for an instant KO, and use the battle rifle on anyone else. If you run low on ammo, you can find additional in the weapon cache on either side of the room. Once the room’s cleared out, activate the switch in the back.

Breach the Citadel

Afterward, a horde of Flood will, err, flood in. Grab the turret from the downed Brute and open fire, mowing them down. As soon as their presence is lessened, make haste to the lift and down it back down.

Great, more Flood, and even more enemies. We suggest running like the dickens for the door, leaping over anything in the way. Once out, turn right and watch out for even more Flood – with luck, the Arbiter should be providing help ahead. Just keep running down the ramp and turn right at the base to find several vehicles, with a tank incoming. (You may die a couple times here, but don’t get discouraged.)

Hop into the tank and push forward, through a cave into a snow-covered landscape. The path is pretty straight forward; just fire at anything the moment you see it, and you should be fine. Near the end, two hornets will land in front of you – exit the tank and hop into one of those birds instead.

As soon as you take to the air, two Scarabs will drop in. Thankfully, the Hornet can take both of them down within seconds, since it can directly target the control room from the correct altitude. However, you first have to blow off a protective panel. Hover close to the Scarab and strafe around to its backside. Now fire missiles at its glowing green anus – once destroyed, the panel will fall off, exposing the control room. Adjust your altitude so you can see the core, then fire several missiles inside – once the Scarab falls to the ground, you know it’s done for. Now repeat this on the second Scarab for an easy victory.

Afterward, join the Arbiter atop the stairwell and wait for Guilty Spark to produce a bridge. Cross it and continue inside the Citadel.

Stop Truth from Firing the Rings

As revealed in the cutscene, the Flood are now on your side! Let them push ahead, while you stay back and shoot the nearby enemies. At the end of this first section are a Brute, and three noteworthy grunts: two with Fuel Rod Guns, and the third on a turret. We suggest taking cover behind one of low walls in the middle of the walkway, and peer through its central glass window to spot the targets beyond. Align your crosshair, then jump and fire at the enemy midair, then duck back behind the structure. Repeat this for the remaining foes, then collect their Fuel Rod Gun and continue into the next section.

The second portion is a bit tougher. Push forward slowly, and keep an eye above, as four jet packing Brutes are about to drop in. Immediately backup, and either toss a grenade or use the Fuel Rod gun to take them down. Afterward, like before, use the low walls for cover and target the enemies through the glass window, then jump and shoot, and take cover again. Once clear, restock your Fuel Rod Gun with the fallen foes, then continue into the next section.

Hey, this third section’s pretty easy! Just activate the switch at the end to view a cutscene

Escape the Flood!

Unfortunately, those two-timing Flood will turn on you once again. Thankfully, it doesn’t matter because this part is really easy. Equip your Fuel Rod Gun and just dash back through the three sections. Ignore the Flood for the most part, unless they’re blocking access to a door. Drop into the hole at the end to complete the level.

The Ark

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Follow the marines across the cliff edge, through a short cave, to the first enemy base. Continue along the canyon wall to the peak, overlooking the enemy installment, right by the sniper rifle.

Since the enemies are initially unaware of your presence, whip out your sniper and target the Brutes below (aim for headshots!). Crouch behind the boulders for cover if you begin taking heavy fire. If you need more sniper ammunition, collect ammo from the gun behind you for 12 additional shots.

When clear, continue along the canyon wall, and step around the corner slowly (by the tower) and target any additional enemies further up the path. Before continuing, grab the sniper ammo from the weapon capsule in the center of the path, then push through the tunnel.

You’ll emerge on a ledge overlooking a second enemy installment. Hang back up here and use the boulder for cover as you use the sniper and battle rifle to shoot the Brutes, the sniper on the building, and others beyond. Once most of them are down, a Phantom will drop off a pair of Hunters.

Try to retain at least six bullets for your sniper (if not more), as they’ll be invaluable later in the level.

Instead of fighting the Hunters, we suggest just running past them and up the path beyond. However, there are several enemies along the ramp, including a Brute at the top, so kill them fast, before the Hunters catch up – a grenade can be very effective here.

Enter the cavern at the top and drop to a door below. Continue through the hall, and out the other side.

Back outside, you should now be on the lip of a large field below. Stay on the ledge, using the rocks for cover, and blast the Brutes and grunts both below, and on the other side. Work your way slowly around this ledge, without dropping into the field below. Once you clear the area, two prowlers with four brutes each will roll in. Most of the Brutes will exit the vehicle and chase after you on foot – toss a few grenades (but try not to destroy the prowler!) if you have them for an easy victory, or hang back by the rocks and shoot them otherwise. By this point, there will likely be two Brutes still rolling around in the second Prowler. We suggest hoping into the first prowler’s turret when safe and use it to blast the remaining Brutes.

Once the area’s clear, take the driver’s seat and let your marines pile on in. Now this part is easy – just drive and don’t worry about the enemies; you’ll be out of there before they know what happened. Blast over the hill at full speed to clear the jump, then continue up the mountain, going around the fallen ship on the right. After passing the second ship (on the right), you’ll drop off a high ledge – stop here.

Normally, you would proceed into the field ahead and work your way to the top of the building, only to discover that you can’t actually get in yet. Since there’s nothing you can do, skip that part altogether – instead, continue down an adjacent path on the right (just after dropping off the ledge, mentioned above).

Two enemy Ghosts await just past the large boulder, and you’ll want to hijack one of them. Drop the prowler off near the rock (so the turret can target the ghosts if they come near), then walk up to that very boulder and circle it for protection. The ghosts will either go after you, or the prowler, drawing them close to the rock either way – continually hold down the Hijack button and try to grab one as it gets close. Now that you have the Ghost, kill the second one, then continue up the path.

There’s another group of enemies at the peak. Don’t bother shooting them; instead, circle the area and mow the enemies down by boosting into them. If you take heavy damage, seek cover lower down the mountain. However, you will want to shoot the Ghost, and a nearby Brute if he’s using a turret.

Once clear, stop inside the cave ahead, overlooking a massive field. Out there awaits a ton of Brutes, several Wraiths, and many Ghosts. Hopefully you still have the sniper rifle (as we mentioned earlier), as it’s invaluable during this portion. Stay inside the cave and target the Wraith’s gunner first – aim for the head. Once he’s down, target the grunts inside two of the nearby turrets (if the circular turret is facing you, fire at it once to scare the grunt away). Finally, target one more turret on a tower to the left (near a group of Brutes).

If you don’t have any remaining sniper ammo (shame on you!), charge up to the rock by the Wraith and use it as a shield while you take down the two turrets with the Ghost. Then quickly hob aboard the Wraith and take it down.

Now boost right up to the Wraith, hop out, and board it. Melee it four times to destroy both it and the driver (unfortunately, it’s impossible to hijack this Wraith and drive it around). By this time, several Brutes should be making their way across the land bridge, toward you. Boost across the bridge, running over as many as you can in a single pass.

After trampling the Brutes, two Ghosts will drop in – ignore them for now and quickly return to the cave you were sniping from to lose them (by either going right around the Brute tower, or simply dropping off the left side of the land bridge). By returning to the cave, the Ghosts will likely be roaming about the lower area. Lure them to you, one at a time, and kill them with your Ghost’s firepower. Once both are down, return to the fallen Wraith and take down any Brutes who remain.

Now the large rocky structure in the center (just past the fallen Wraith) is home to several more brutes & grunts. Before proceeding though, take down another gunner in the right-most tower. Now edge around the rocky structure, so it can be used as cover, and target the enemies beyond. Go for the turret first, then the Brutes.

Once the area is cleared out, focus your fire on the two nearby anti-air units (if your teammates haven’t destroyed them already). As long as you stay behind them, they’ll leave you alone.

With the area cleaned out, a gigantic airship will deliver three tanks and a Warthog – yeah baby, this is what we’re talking about. Hop into any of the tanks after they’ve rolled off the platform and work your way back to the wall (in case you skipped it earlier, as we suggested, just follow the path – it’ll lead you right to it).

Lead Friendly Armor Through the Wall

Honestly, with the tank’s artillery power, you shouldn’t need much help backtracking to the wall. For the most part, just fire shells the moment you spot an enemy and stay back as far as you can, within reason, to avoid counter-fire.

As you begin your trek, four Ghosts, and one Prowler will emerge from the cave you were sniping from. As you enter the cave, two Hunters will attack – feed them a shell each.

As you exit the cave, you’ll spot a hovering Phantom. Shoot its turret first to render it harmless, then focus on the ground based troops. Continue down the path to encounter a few more Ghosts, then a Wraith. Stay as far back as you can (using the Sand Dunes for cover) and fire a few shells to destroy it. Shoot the tower around the corner, then continue into the field ahead, where the wall awaits.

The entrance is on the top floor of the wall. To get there, follow the path along the left cliff wall. Along the way, you’ll encounter a couple of Wraiths and several Ghosts. The Wraiths can be slightly tricky to target, due to their locations. If you can’t shoot them from afar, get close and strafe around them while pummeling them with shells.

Push along the path and across the bridge. Keep an eye out for a couple of turrets at the end, then wait for Guilty Spark to open the locked gate and head on through.

Locate the Cartographer

Grab a Brute Shot and/or Sentinel Beam from the high walkway in the center, then drop to the door below. Proceed through it once Guilty Spark opens the way.

Activate the switch on the left platform to spawn a bridge, allowing your comrades below to pass by. Now continue through another door on the opposite end and venture through a couple of rooms to emerge back outside.

As soon as you step outside, a Scarab Tank will climb down and proceed into the valley…is your work never done? Hop into the nearby Warthog and let the ex-driver gun. Now roll on down the mountain, slowly, letting the gunner take down the Ghosts and enemies along the way. You’ll soon regroup with the three tanks from earlier – take control of one and proceed onward!

Up ahead are two Wraiths, one on the far left, another on the right. Their aim is poor, so hang back and blast both from afar. Continue on to find two more Wraiths a bit lower. Use the rocky ledges for cover and take them down.

The Scarab will soon make his grand reappearance at the base of the area. But this time, you have a tank on your side. Just circle around him, while shooting continually at a single leg to knock him down – it shouldn’t take long.

What if my tank gets destroyed?
If your tank gets destroyed, the best course of action is to simply restart from a checkpoint. If, for whatever reason, that doesn’t work, seek out any remaining vehicles that are still in working order. Ghosts are highly effective, followed by Choppers.

Once the Scarab is on the ground, a large loading dock on the back is now within reach of a jump. Quickly run to the rear and jump aboard. Now be careful, and take your time, as there are several enemies aboard. Work your way to the back of the Scarab to find the control room. Melee the shield to destroy it, then melee the console twice more to take it down. Now you only have about 10 seconds to get the hell off the Scarab before it explodes, so move fast.

With the Scarab destroyed, reclaim your tank (or any of the others, if they still exist) and push up the nearby ramp, along the wall. Here you’ll find several Brutes and Snipers, but they’re no match for your tank. If you lack a tank, or any vehicle, at that, push up the ramp slowly, using the walls for cover. Unfortunately, you’ll have to ditch your vehicle near the top in order to continue through a door.

After Guilty Spark opens the door inside, hang back here and blast the enemies within. Once clear, go through the door on the right and follow the halls to another enemy filled room. Stay on the catwalk and follow it around to a Brute’s backside for an easy assassination (even though it appears he’s looking right at you, he won’t notice you if you’re quick). Now stay on the walkway and target the grunts below. Once clear, exit out the door, just below the catwalk and follow the ramp down to another door.

Get ready, because a Brute is waiting on the other side of that door. As soon as it opens, run up and melee him twice for a quick kill. Now toss a grenade (if you have one) at either of the two Brutes across the room, then quickly duck into a hallway on the right and take down the jackals. Use this hall for cover as you target the remaining Brutes in the room – use grenades if you have them. Once clear, exit via either of the doors, opposite of where you entered to emerge back outside.

Don’t waste time looking at the beautiful waterfalls – activate the switch ahead.

Head Downstairs for Evac

After the cutscene, you’ll want to work your way downstairs, to a Pelican landing site. Run through the previous room up to a door on the far side. As soon as it opens, three Brutes will try to break in. Hang back to the side of the doorway and melee them as they step through – remember, Brutes can’t counterattack if you melee them non-stop. Proceed down the ramp through another door onto a purple walkway.

Be careful, this room contains several cloaked Brutes. But thankfully, they’re not completely invisible. Ignore them for now and follow the walkway to the other side of the room, then drop off and head through the door. Kill the jackals on the ramp, then immediately turn around, as a few Brutes will chase you from the previous room. Melee attacks should do them in. When clear, exit through the door at the ramp’s base.

A group of Brutes surround their hammer wielding leader. Needless to say, you’re a dead man if you just run in. Instead, follow the walkway up to a weapon cache containing a Carbine, and use it to fire upon the hammer-bearing leader, dropping him in seconds. Stay in this general area as you target the remaining enemies, ducking to the sides for cover. Once everyone’s dead, board the Pelican that pulls in to complete the mission.


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Find the Crashed Flood Ship

A Floodship has crashed nearby, unleashing this ancient plague on the city. You’ll have to backtrack through the level you ran through previously, fighting them off the entire way. However, because most of the Flood are unarmed, you can actually just run through most of this level without firing a single bullet. Our walkthrough is actually designed around this method, but if you really want to kill everything, the best strategy is to just stay as far back from the Flood as possible (such as by the entrance of each room) and blast them from afar.

Work your way down the hill, toward the warehouses. Shortly after a panicked soldier radios in, you’ll encounter a small squad on a ramp to the left being ambushed by a small army of Flood. Don’t bother trying to save the soldiers – just run into the open door on the right side of the ramp and continue through the hall. Drop off the opening on the left side into the first warehouse.

Run across the warehouse, jumping over any Flood in the way, to the opening in the northeast corner (on the right), leading to the second section.

Run to another opening on the opposite side, in the southwest corner, leading to the third section.

Run straight ahead, under the bridge, and jump from one of the boxes to a door on the walkway, and drop through the hole within.

You’ll drop into a small room – smash the glass and step into the main room. Swap out your Assault Rifle for a Shotgun off of the gun rack, next to the hallway entrance. Now get ready, as you’ll have to battle a few foes soon.

Step into the hallway with shotgun equipped, and toss a grenade as you turn the first corner to take down most of the Flood here. Immediately backup, and take down any that give chase with your shotgun. Once the hall is clear, continue through a series of rooms until you emerge on a walkway outside.

As you’ll see, a ton of Flood will drop in on the area below. Don’t worry about them – stay on the walkway and follow it to the end. Once there, drop off the left side to the path below and slowly push forward.

Several Flood will soon jump in from the left. Hang back and use the boulders for cover as you shoot the Flood beyond. If you need additional protection, look for a Bubble Shield near a rock in the center of the path.

Continue up to the ramp, and use the boxes for cover and shoot a few more enemies that drop in. Then climb it and enter the building on the right.

Inside, several more Flood will appear inside the tunnel. Hang back and use the left side for cover as you target the enemies beyond (launch a grenade or two if you have them available.) Push through the tunnel when clear.

As soon as you enter the next room, jump onto the walkway on the left and follow it up to a slit in the wall, which you should drop through. After dropping, grab the shield regenerator and toss it down, as a whole bunch of Flood are about to drop in. Once the shield depletes, take cover and blast the rest. Once clear, head outside.

Search the Ship for Cortana

Back outside, take control of the turret on the left and open fire on the Flood running in ahead. Stay here until they’re all down, then follow the walkway slowly. Take your time to target the enemies, one by one. Make sure to take out a pair of snipers on a platform, left of the walkway.

When at the walkway’s end, drop into the glowing ship’s debris below, and climb up the steep wreckage and drop into a hole at the top.

Work your way through the halls, down another hole, until you come across a glowing blue object. Interact with it to complete the mission

Eliminate Hostile Anti-Air Units

The Storm

Posted on March 5, 2009 by haloboyy1928

Destroy First Anti-Air Wraith

The first portion of this level couldn’t be easier; it involves opening a series of doors and following the Warthog as it takes down most of the enemy threats.

After disembarking from the Warthog, open the door ahead via a panel on the right wall. Walk inside while your teammates follow in a hog up to a second door, only the control panel is on the other side. Either take the nearby staircase or use the wooden box to leap to a walkway on the left, hang a right and quickly interact with the switch to open the door (ignore the enemies below for now). Now drop through the slit and hang back by the door while the Warthog takes care of business.

Once clear, open another Warthog blocking door and follow behind it as it devours the hallway. Open yet another door at the end of the hall (leading to a large field) and take one of the two ghosts parked in this room.

An anti-aircraft wraith is stationed near the field’s center – you must destroy this to complete your first objective. Thankfully, there just so happens to be a missile-pod nearby which was designed for just this occasion. Ride the Ghost along the walkway, mowing over any enemies in your path. When you reach the bridge that leads to a center building, hang back and wait for the hovering Phantom to depart (use the boxes to avoid its plasma blasts). Once the Phantom is gone, proceed forward and use the Ghost to shoot the enemies inside and on top.

With the building cleared, run to the top to find the Missile-Pod lying on the ground, along the edge overlooking the bridge. Use it to quickly fire four rockets at the anti-air Wraith to take it down. You should have four missiles left – use these to severely damage a second Wraith in the far corner, diagonally opposite of where you entered (you may have to venture out onto the bridge for a good vantage point.)

Destroy Destroy All Other Wraiths

Once you’re out of missiles, hop back into your Ghost and follow the walkway to finish off the second Wraith – a few shots should do it in. Now hang back by the entrance into the room and blast the enemies within.

There’s another closed gate here, so proceed up the staircase instead — except there are more enemies there. Draw their attention with gunfire, then hang back to pummel them (a well place grenade can be effective too). Dart up and turn right and follow the path into the next room. Remain by the entrance, as a horde of Drones will soon fly in. Fire at them through the doorway. When clear, continue down the hall to a row of waiting Mongooses.

Before hopping on, scout out the ammo cache on the right to swap your weapons out for a Battle Rifle and Rocket Launcher. (We strongly suggest grabbing a rocket launcher now, as you won’t be able to return to this room). Now hop aboard the driverless mongoose and tear down the ramp into the field.

Look for another anti-air Wraith on the field’s far side – get behind it and let your rocket-launching comrade do the hard work. Shortly after it’s destroyed, a few Phantoms will unleash several Ghosts – we suggest camping near the fallen Wraith and let your teammate do his thing. Once the arena is cleared out, a giant Scarab will roam on in.

Kill the Scarab Tank

As you probably guessed, the Scarab is a force to be reckoned with. Its head is equipped with a massive energy beam that will destroy anything it comes in contact with – avoid this at all costs by staying beneath or behind the Scarab. However, like the Death Star, it has a glaring weakness: the easily destroyable control room near the tank’s rear. However, getting to that control room can be tricky.

Normally (and such is the case for future Scarab battles), you would want to disable one of the Scarab’s legs with sustained weapon fire (preferably either rockets or Ghost fire). This will cause the Scarab to drop to the ground, allowing you to board a loading dock on the back, and work your way to the control room. However, there’s a much easier method to besting this first Scarab.

Instead of fighting it directly, look for a lift at the base of the crane (along the wall). Interact with the switch to ride it up to the top of the crane. Walk to the far edge and sit tight – the Scarab will soon walk by and park itself right next to you, allowing you to simply jump on top of it, saving you tons of time and ammo.
(Thanks to Vitaman for the tip!)

Now be careful, as there are several enemies aboard. Use your rocket launcher to take down the Brutes and work your way to the back of the Scarab to find the control room. Melee the shield to destroy it, then melee the console twice more to take it down. Now you only have about 10 seconds to get the hell off the Scarab before it explodes, so move fast.

Neutralize the Anti-Air Cannon!

With the Scarab down, head inside the building, via an entrance diagonally opposite of where you entered the field. You’ll soon come across a makeshift command post; switch weapons with the soldier carrying the Rocket Launcher to prepare for a next coming up.

Now wind through the halls until you emerge in a room full of sandbags. Hang back and target the enemies beyond with your Battle Rifle. When clear, climb a staircase on the left up to a walkway and grab hold of the turret and spray any enemies that walk on through. Rip it off afterward and continue into the room ahead.

Use the gap between the two large boxes to shoot at the enemies and dodge to the side if you begin taking fire. Once clear, continue into another room.

Here you’ll see a group of technicians get blown away by a pair of Hunter’s energy blasts. Quickly jump onto the large box, just right of that area (use the smaller, nearby box as a stepping stone to reach it) to get out of the way. Now whip out your rocket launcher (you did grab it before, right?) and fire a rocket or two to ambush them as they run in.

Now drop down and shoot at the Brutes beyond. If the hammer wielding one runs toward you, launch a rocket if you have any spares, or backup and riddle him with battle rifle bullets.

Head outside and climb the ramp to battle a few more enemies. Now continue on to a vast hill, where you’ll find the huge anti-air cannon at the top. Before climbing the hill, look for a sniper rifle on a platform to your left, in front of the mortar. Use it to snipe whatever Brutes you can see ahead.

Climb up the left side of the mountain, take down a Grunt manning a turret, then continue up to a rocky ledge on the left. From here, use whatever remaining sniper ammo you have to target the Brutes across the way. Strafe left and ride to evade their plasma blasts, or backup down the rocky slope if you begin taking fire.

Now here’s the deal, you don’t have to kill every enemy here, only the ones preventing you from targeting the anti-air turret’s weak point. Speaking of which, look up to find the weak point on the base of the turret – it’s an egg shaped obtrusion that pops out whenever it fires a blast. Fire shots at the glowing part, on its backside to destroy it (the nearby turret, mentioned in the above paragraph is ideal here). Once destroyed, the level will be complete. Nice!

Tsavo Highway

Posted on  March 5, 2009 by haloboyy1928

Lead Marines Away from the Base

Walk down the hallway, left of the burning section, and hop into the closest Warthog. Have a couple teammates pile in, then wait for a fellow soldier to open the door and drive on through.

Now here’s the deal: Drive. And fast. In fact, we don’t want you to stop for anything; it’ll just slow you down, and in all likelihood, get you killed. So long as you stay on the move, you can whip through the first half of this level with ease.

For the vast majority of the level, our strategy depends on you being in a vehicle. If it gets destroyed, simply press pause and restart from the most recent checkpoint to get it back. The checkpoints are frequent, so you won’t lose much progress.

Stick to the right for the most part, until you come across an enemy ship hovering over a pond. Follow the left wall here to stick to the path.

Eventually, you’ll reach a large blue shield (left of the barricade road) which prevents your Warthog from entering a tunnel. Park right up against it, hop out of the hog, and run in. Shoot the shield generator (the large purple thing at the shield’s base to destroy it). Now hop back in the hog and continue through the tunnel.

Continue along the busted up freeway until you reach a missing portion, as indicated by several barricades. You’ll sadly have to ditch the warthog for now, but worry not, you won’t be without a vehicle for long. Cross the gap by running across the I-beam (or if you fall, use the far ladder to climb back up).

Get to the Town of Voi

You’ll soon come across a base festering with enemies – just dart across this to the far side. Only take down any enemies directly in your path, and continue to a large boulder on the right, next to a hovering Brute tower (take doen the Brute inside it first though). Hang tight by the boulder and wait for a Wraith to roll on by – hijack it when it does and hop aboard.

About Hijacking:
To hijack a vehicle, get close and hold the Right Bumper. However, there are a few extra steps when hijacking a Wraith. After grabbing on, you must melee the driver to death, by tapping “B.” Once he’s down, immediately stop attacking (otherwise you’ll destroy the vehicle), hop off, then climb into the driver’s seat to take full control.
Like the ghost it’s named after, the Wraith tank may not always appear. If this is the case, we strongly suggest restarting from a previous checkpoint and trying again — it should eventually appear.

With the Wraith under your control, work your way to a tunnel ahead, taking down everything as you go – particularly the sniper towers and Brute Choppers. Also, if you come across a teammate, let him climb into the gunner’s seat.

As you exit the cave, fire a blast between the two Choppers to kill the Brutes. Now stick to the left of the freeway to use an elevated portion to cross a gap. As you roll off the freeway, a couple of choppers may attack – target them quickly.

Head right around the mountain and prepare for an inbound Phantom to drop off another Wraith. Back up and strafe left and ride to avoid its fire, while blasting it yourself. A couple choppers may attack as well; if you can’t take down the Wraith before they show up, back up and position the mountain between you and the Wraith (for protection), target the choppers first, then follow up with the Wraith.

As you circle the mountain, target a grunt high up on a left ledge, then back up again in preparation of another inbound Phantom – this time it’ll drop off two more Choppers. Take them down and continue on up to a second Wraith ahead. Strafe around it and pummel it with plasma blasts. Two Wraiths down, one more to go.

Before rolling up the mountain path, target another turret on the right. As you approach the mountain’s crest, you’ll come across the third phantom. Stay on the lower portion of the mountain and arc your shots to kill it.

Continue onto the freeway up to a road block, with numerous Brutes beyond. Hang back and pummel them with plasma. Once the coast is clear, use the Wraith’s boost to power your way through the obstacles.

The blue shield ahead marks your target destination, but there are a few more Brutes on patrol. Target a gunner on the left first, then focus on the others as they come into view. If you begin taking heavy fire, use the downed Pelican as a shield. Once the area is clear, run behind the shield and destroy the generator to complete the level.