Halo Legends Animated Show

Hey everyone! Everyone has been waiting for the Halo Movie and Halo Reach to come out! Well something new in Halo has just come out! It’s called Halo Legends! It is basically a DVD you can buy that has animated episodes following along the lines of the Halo storyline from the games! Because it is animated, it will be a lot like a cartoon kids watch on TV. I don’t know how good it is exactly but for hardcore Halo fans it’s worth checking out!

File:Halo legends-cover.png

Above is a promotional poster of the new DVD this is now available is stores! I think it may be something worth checking out! Below is a trailer of the content in the new DVD! Enjoy!

OK, fine. Maybe it looks kinda cheesy an maybe a little stupid but its all they can do right now in the world of Halo Cartoons!


BIG Halo Movie News

Hey everyone! A great video has just been released that talks all about the anticipated Halo Movie! I dont want to spoil the video so watch is as soon as possible! Its great news! Click here to see the video!

More Halo Movie News

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Hey everyone! Been a while since i gave you the latest update on the Halo movie! Not much but I did want to mention a couple key points. Stuart Beattie and Alex Garland will be the official script writers of the Halo Movie. It looks like they are in the making of the actaul script, but it is not confirmed. Also, there is no trailer or pictures of Halo the movie yet! So many people are explaining how they have found a leaked version of the movie (Example, The First 8 Minutes of the Halo Movie) and it is not true! They haven’t even began filming yet. The more exciting news, there has been some news that the Halo movie may be coming out sometime in 2012. The date keeps moving further and further back though. We heard that originally when the producers weren’t so lazy, the Halo Movie was suppossed to come out this year in 2009. Oh well, I guess it’ll just have to wait. We will try to keep you posted on what’s knew on Halo ODST. Check back soon.

Video Footage of Real Life Warthog

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I found this video footage at http://jalopnik.com/5146932/. Apparently the halo movie has been suspended.

The Warthog has already been in its first accident.

Halo Movie Production: More Warthog News

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Hey everyone! We have some new great news on the Halo 3 Warthog and a TON of new pics. The Warthog was built in only 6 weeks and was about to start being used in the film until the movie was put on hold. The Warthog was built in Wellington, New Zealand by Peter Jackson’s WETA workshop. Peter Osborne was the head leader of the WETA workshop when building the vehicle. The Warthog was actually not built from scratch. They used the Nissan Patrol as a base then built off of that. The Warthog is almost completely custom. The Warthog has heavily-reinforced solid axles instead of the fully independent suspension in the video game. Everything else on the Warthog is pretty much exact from the game. The details go from the body of the vehicle to the “No Step” sign painted on the Warthog. That’s all for now! Our team thanks Anthony for providing this info to us! Enjoy a whole bunch of great pics of the Warthog here:

 Pics and info from http://jalopnik.com/5146932/

Halo Movie News

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Hey guys! Sorry we haven’t posted much about the knew upcoming Halo movie. There really isn’t much news on it. Here is what we have found so far (sorry no pics):

Master Chief will not be the main character, but the supporting character. The bungie writing director wrote:

“Where the Master Chief doesn’t have a face… That’s hard to carry as a main character for an entire film. But you can certainly surround him with people who don’t have helmets on and you can see their faces.

In my recent post we said that the movie will be released in 2011. This info was a guess. This is true because the movie is not even being filmed yet. Yet alone I don’t even think they have a cast set up for it. All they have is a Warthog. Halo movie willl take a while to make and the special effects will take a while. 2011 is cutting it real close if you think about the process it will take. But that’s just our opinion.

Like I said before there really isn’t much confirmed news about the Halo movie. All we know is that there will be a Halo movie. There is no say on when it will come out. All I have to say right now is the Halo movie might take a little while to come out. Lets hope its soon! Will post as soon as possible. See ya!

PS. If you guys want, send us all the news you guys can find or any cool pics. We will give you credit for it too!

Halo Movie in Production!

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Hey everyone! This is the warthog built for the new Halo Movie! There has been announcements and rumors about a Halo Move in production, but this is proof. This actual working Warthog was built by Peter Jackson’s WETA workshop. This is just one of the props in that movie that have been built. The Halo Movie is expected to brought to theaters sometime in the year 2011. Will post more about movie soon.

Update: Movie will Not come out sometime 2011. Production has not yet started no date for the start of production is known.