Halo Reach: Ghost


The Type-32 Rapid Attack Vehicle (T32 RAV), more commonly identified as the Ghost, is a one-man gravity-effect vehicle, primarily used in a reconnaissance and close infantry support role. It is essentially a “hover sled”—it hovers low to the ground and moves very quickly. The vehicle is armed with two (2) linked forward-firing plasma cannons.

On certain maps, this land roaming one seater can cause a lot of damage. Be prepared for consistant platter attacks as well as assistance from the linked plasma cannon. The power of the plasma cannon plus the extremely fast speed makes this vehicle almost cheap to use.

Consists Of:

  • Linked Plasma Cannon
  • Unlimited Turbo Boost
  • Hovering

If you come across one of these covenant vehicles, definatly get in it. The enemy will certainly have a tough time getting rid of you.


Halo Reach: Wraith


The Type-26 Assault Gun Carriage (T26 AGC), more commonly identified as the Wraith, is the primary armored fighting vehicle used by the Covenant. It is bulbous and thickly armored, but surprisingly maneuverable.

This mass load of armour can be extremely deadly is used by the right spartan. Its powerful plasma cannon can shoot extremely far and the radius of the blast is also rather large. Though the plasma turret is still unoperatable, the powerful cannon and decent speed makes up for that lose.

Consists Of:

  • One Large Plasma Cannon

Desputes will become very large to determine if the Wraith is better than the Tank. Like most weapons and vehicles, this dispute is determined by the Spartans preference.

Halo Reach: Banshee


The Type-26 Ground Support Aircraft (T26 GSA), more commonly identified as the Banshee, is typically used for reconnaissance, ground support, and ground attack missions. It is lightly armored and, while not particularly vulnerable to small arms, can be brought down by concentrated fire from infantry.

This will be Gamers main flying vehicle. If you find yourself in one of these vehicles, you will also find yourself dominating the skies, temporarely.

Consists Of:

  • Main Plasma Turret
  • One Missle Cannon

This one-manned Covenant based vehicle may be light armored, but if controlled by the right Spartan, devestation could occur quick amongst the battle field.

Halo Reach: Scorpion Tank


The M808 Main Battle Tank (MBT), more widely known as the Scorpion, is the primary armored fighting vehicle of the UNSC ground forces. The Scorpion is large and heavily armored, but is surprisingly nimble. The four-track design (each track mounted on an independent, computer-controlled suspension system) allows the Scorpion to climb over or maneuver around large debris or other battlefield obstacles.

Say Hello to the “Big Gun” in Halo Reach. Although the armor abailities will make it easier to take this big boy down, players will still fear this dangerous machine.

Consists Of:

  • One Large Main Gun
  • Small Turret

This is a Multi Passenger Vehicle. If you see one of these, don’t hesitate to give it a ride.

Halo Reach: Spirit

Affiliation: Covenant


The Type-25 Troop Carrier (or T25 TC) is also known as the Spirit, although it is almost universally identified as troop carrier or dropship. It is capable of carrying up to 30 infantry and 2 vehicles. It is armed with one heavy plasma auto-cannon.

Halo Reach: Falcon

Affiliation: UNSC


The UH-144 is a versatile, transverse-rotor multipurpose utility helicopter. Two Falcons can transport a fully-equipped infantry squad faster than any previous system, and provide overwhelming support fire, in most weather conditions.