Halo Reach: Energy Sword

Energy Sword:

The Type-1 Energy Weapon/Sword (or T1 EW/S) is more commonly identified as the Energy Sword. This weapon consists of a grip that contains an energy storage/generation device and the blade projector and, when activated a blade composed of plasma stabilized within an energy field. The exact mechanism by which it functions is currently under investigation

Say hello to the One Hit Kill weapon in Halo Reach. Yes, there are  others, but attract a lot of attention becuase they are all pretty much explosions. This sword can be amazing if used by the stealthy. One slash and your enemy is dead. This weapon is automatically be picked up if it is seen laying on the ground. But, be sure to have a long ranged weapon as your secondary. The Energy Sword is close ranged and anyone using it sololy could be killed easily be someone from the distance.


Halo Reach: Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launcher:

The M41SSR MAV/AW (more formally Medium Anti-Vehicle / Assault Weapon, Bore 102mm, M41 Surface-to-Surface Rocket launcher) is a man-portable, shoulder-fired, two-tube, 102mm rocket launcher. It has two main components: the magazine (the disposable part of the system) and the launcher.

This weapon is one of the few weapons that you can reley on to completely obliterate enemies and vehicles. The lock on heat seaking rockets from Halo 2 are not yet known to be back. If you find one of these on the ground, the recommended idea is to give the weapon to marine, becuase they will then have amazing accuracy and unlimited ammo. Though, if you feel you can wield this powerful weapon just as well, use it and create mass destruction.

Halo Reach: Needler


The Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher (or T33 GML) is more commonly identified as the Needler. It fires unconventional projectiles that are very long and very sharp—hence Needler. The projectiles are guided by some unknown mechanism and detonate several seconds after coming to rest in soft tissue.

This dangerous covenant weapon can cause massive damage to crowds of enemies quickly. When duel wielded, damage is doubled as well as casualities. Definatly pick up one of these if you see one. Although, ammunition runs out quickly.

Halo Reach: Magnum


The M6G (more formally Personal Defense Weapon System, Caliber 12.7mm, M6) is a semi-automatic, recoil-operated, magazine-fed handgun. It is the standard sidearm of all UNSC personnel and is highly regarded for its ruggedness and reliability. Several variants are issued with the smart-linked KFA-2 x2 scope.

Not a very useful weapon. We have yet to find a real use of this weapon. Taking down enemies with this weapon is a last resort option. Chances are you will die.

Halo Reach: Gravity Hammer

Gravity Hammer

The Type-2 Energy Weapon/Hammer (or T2 EW/H) is more commonly identified as the Gravity Hammer. This weapon consists of a haft, head, and blade. A field generator, which is located in the head, emits a kinetic pulse (~4.5 meters). The exact mechanism by which it functions is currently under investigation.

If you need to send people or vehicles  miles away or into the sky, this is your kind of weapon. Upon direct impact, what ever is in your way will be completely obliterated. If impact is not direct, that object could be sent for a ride to the other end of the battle field. This weapon is mainly used by Brute Chieftans. If you happen to kill a Cheiftan and they drop this weapon, picking it up is almost mandatory.

Halo Reach: Grenade Launcher

Grenade Launcher:

The M319 IGL (more formally Individual Grenade Launcher, Caliber 40mm, M319) is a single shot, break-action, grenade launcher firing 40mm ammunition. Because of its simplicity, ruggedness, and firepower, the M319 has been a mainstay within the UNSC Army’s arsenal since its official adoption in 2263.

The grenade launcher fires grenades. If the grenade hits your target directly, it will instantly explode. If it bounces, it will arm like a frag and explode after a short spell. However, if you hold down the trigger, the grenade will not explode until you release. You could use this feature to set a trap or to time a mid-air detonation to kill someone using a jet pack. When it explodes, it produces a grenade-like explosion and an EMP blast. This weapon looks to be much less cheap than Modern Warfare 2’s Thumper and Grenade Launcher attachment because of the time delay after the grenade lands.

Halo Reach: Focus Rifle

Focus Rifle:

The Type-52 Special Applications Rifle (or T52 SAR) is also identified as the Focus Rifle. This directed-energy weapon is believed to be battery-powered. The exact mechanism by which it functions is currently under investigation.

The focus rifle is a combination of the beam rifle and the sentinel beam. Zoom in and hold the focused beam on your opponent to kill them.