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Hey everyone! The next post is here! The following video will show you a whole bunch of tips and tricks that can allow you yo be successful in Halo 3 ODST’s Fire Fight! Enjoy!


Costal Highway 998 Ammo Rocket Launcher

Hey everyone! This is not that big of find to most people, but we think we sould still post this for people that do not know. There are 4 Rocket Launchers in Costal Highway with 998 shots each! Start the level on Legendary difficulty with 4 people in co-op mode to get theRocket Launchers. We are not certain that 4 people are required. It may work with other ammounts of people including single player. Here is the video showing you where to get these 4 rocket launchers with 998 ammunition:

If you do not know how to system link two xbox360s to start a Co-op game click here

If you do not know how to connect to Xbox Live to play Co-op over Xbox Live click here

Halo 3 ODST: Skull Locations

Hey everyone! We havn’t posted much useful ODST info in a while becuase we have been busy finding some amazing stuff just for you! Our mission has been accomplished! You will be getting better secret info about Halo 3 ODST everyday! Be sure to come back to the blog everyday to see some knew posts! For today, here is the locations for the Skulls on the custom games maps Citadel, Heretic and Longshore. These maps will be found on the second disk you recieved with Halo 3 ODST 

Here is a video showing you the locations of the skull on the map Citadel:

Here is a video showing you the locations of the skull on the map Heretic:

Here is a video showing you the locations of the skull on the map Longshore:

Halo 3 ODST Flashpoints

I have recently just beat Halo 3 ODST solo on legendary difficulty. I am not going to spoil the special cutscene. I am going to post the areas I had trouble clearing.

1. Uplift Reserve – Overturned Warthog

This is immediately at the beginning of the level, and I did not get a checkpoint until I completely cleared out the area. To beat the initial enemies, I turned left and walked around the rocks and snuck up on one group of enemies and assasinated the brute captain, the threw to grenades at the second patrol to kill the brute and then mopped up the grunts. Rather than get in the warthog immediately, I stayed on the ground, and swapped my SMG for a Plasma Pistol. I then went to the spot described in the mission walkthrough. Using the spartan laser I destroyed the chopper that comes automatically, and killed both wraiths from a distance. The only other enemy that came was a ghost, which I disabled and boarded. Then I got in the warthog and mopped up the enemies.

Another strategy which worked when I got the Vidmaster Achievement Classic was to quickly flip the warthog, and back away from the plasma grenades thrown. Don’t worry about giving the marine the laser until your safe. From the same spot as above, I just let the warthog gunner kill the wraith from long range.

2. Mombassa Streets – Hunters

This is actually very easy if you know what to do. On the way to Kizingo Boulevard, some hunters block your path. I my playthrough, there was also a jackal sniper behind me. To clear this area, I killed the jackal sniper with a magnum headshot, and then walked by the hunters, on the opposite side of the street. They didn’t react when I was in front of them.

3. Kizingo Boulevard – ONI Building Rally Point

I got a checkpoint as the second phantom was coming in. After restoring my health, I went into the covered structure on the left, if you are facing the wraith. I crossed  the bridge, which put me about even with the wraith. I had a plasma pistol and magnum. From this, I sniped the grunts and jackals. Occasionally, a brute would come up the stairs, which I would kill with a plasma pistol overcharge and a magnum headshot. After these enemies were cleared, I killed the wraith by immobilizing it with the plasma pistol, then shooting it with the fuel rod gun found from a dead grunt. Then I just mopped up the remaining enemies.

4. Data Hive – Cold Storage Brutes

This is a similar confrontation to the motor pool fight on the level Crows Nest in Halo 3. You should have taken the fuel rod gun from the chieftan in brutal plaza. I had been using the carbine as my primary weapon and saving the fuel rod gun, which had four shots left. Usually, a checkpoint won’t come until you kill all the enemies. Begin by headshoting the grunts on the left and sticking the brute captain with a carbine. This gives you access to his weapon after the brutes retreat. Stay behind the barriers, poking out to take shots. There is one health pack behind you in the room you dropped down in (or two, if you didn’t heal up after the fall), and one health pack on the raised platform in the middle. If you kill enough brutes, they remaining brutes will retreat, giving you access to the second health pack. When the chieftan comes use the fuel rod cannon to kill him. The main reason I died was running out of ammo for the carbine. The needler is basically useless on legendary.

5. Coastal Highway – District 1 Battle

As soon as you enter the combat zone, turn left and go through a door and upstairs to reach a balcony with a sniper rifle on it. Snipe the two grunts you can see off the watchtower turrets, and then begin sniping all the brutes you can see. When you run out of ammo, ditch the sniper rifle and return downstairs. To get a plasma turret off the tower, destroy the tower with a spike grenade, otherwise, when your spotted on the watchtower a brute will shoot a brute shot blast at you which will destroy the watchtower and kill you. Remember to take the rocket launcher before you leave, it is in a weapons container on the left side of the area, if you stand at the wrecked watchtower facing the exit route.

Halo 3 Legendary Tips

Posted on June 14, 2009 by haloboyy1928 |

Hey everyone! Its here! Halo 3 tips for legendary mode! Just last week we finally beat Halo 3 on legendary! Make sure you try it it is awesome fun!

  1. Always have some sort of sniping weapon- in legendery, you cannot run out into battle without expecting to die at least 10 times!
  2. When Playing Co-op, have someone stay far back and spawn. This way, people who die can respawn near them. If they have a sniper rifle or beam rifle, they can still be in the fight by sniping from very long range.
  3. Arm Marines with powerful weapons if they have only one shot left. They may be easily killed, but they can generally survive to fire the weapon. Marines will not take certain weapons, like the gravity hammer.
  4. In co-op, be extra careful on vehicle sections. If a vehicle is lost, and everyone does not die, there is no way to recover the vehicle. To try to avoid having people left on foot, disable vehicles by killing their drivers when possible.
  5. Cheiftans should be sniped with sniper rifles, beam rifles or anti-vehicle weapons, and if those are not available, battle rifles and carbines. When a chieftan is invincible, run.
  6. Regular brutes can be quickly killed with a charged plasma pistol shot, followed by a magnum headshot.
  7. Battle rifles and carbines are useful to quickly kill grunts and jackals. Sniper or beam rifles may be needed to kill sniper jackals before they can kill you. 
  8. Drones are killed best with automatic weapons. The higher the rate of fire, the better.
  9. Flood can be easily killed with flamethrowers, shotguns, gravity hammers, and energy swords. Long range weapons are still needed to deal with ranged forms. When those weapons are not available, using dual wielding SMGs and Spikers is the most useful.
  10. When playing solo, always kill vehicles quickly by using anti-vehicle weapons when possible. Since if you die, you retain your vehicle, you do not need to worry about saving vehicles. Arming passenger marines with these weapons give them unlimited ammo.

How to Arm Marines with Weapons

Posted on April 19, 2009 by blaze97531 |  

Arming marines with weapons can be useful, as all AI controlled enemies and allies have unlimited ammo with their weapons. This is also useful on vehicle missions, so you can give the marine in the ride seat a powerful anti-vehicle weapon.

To give a marine a weapon, you must not have the weapon he is currently carrying. For example, if the marine has a battle rifle, you cannot trade if you also have a battle rifle.

Once you do not have the weapon the marine is carrying, hold the weapon you want to trade him as the weapon you have out (not in reserve).

Get near the marine and it will say “Press RB to take ally’s weapon.” Press and Hold RB. The marine will take the weapon, and you will have his.


Arming marines with dangerous anti-vehicle weapons on vehicle sections makes those sections much easier.


Halo 3 Hints and Tips

Posted on March 6, 2009 by haloboyy1928 |  

Unlockable: Special Ending

If you beat the game on Legendary mode, you will get a special, extended ending. Keep in mind that you only have to beat the final stage on Legendary mode, and not necessarily the rest of the game, in order to unlock this ending.

Unlockable: Elite Armor Permutations

Unlock the following Elite armor permutations by fulfilling the requirement listed…

  • Ascetic (Body) – Get the Up Close and Personal Achievement
  • Ascetic (Head) – Get the Steppin’ Razor Achievement
  • Ascetic (Shoulders) – Get the Overkill Achievement
  • Commando (Body) – Get the Triple Kill Achievement
  • Commando (Head) – Get the Overkill Achievement
  • Commando (Shoulders) – Get the Killing Frenzy Achivement
  • Flight (Body) – Complete Tsavo Highway (on Heroic or Legendary)
  • Flight (Head) – Complete the campaign mode (on Legendary or Heroic)
  • Flight (Shoulders) – Complete The Ark (on Heroic or Legendary)

Unlockable: Silver Skull Locations

Blind (Located: Sierra 117)

The arms of the player and the motion tracker disappear.

Cowbell (Located: The Ark)

Your explosives increase in strength.

Grunt Birthday Party (Located: Crow’s Nest)

If you manage to get a headshot on a Grunt, the Grunt will explode.

I Would Have Been Your Daddy (Located: The Covenant)

Unlocks new dialogue for the campaign.

Submitted by DVOTA

Unlockable: Gold Skull Locations

Black Eye (Located: Crow’s Nest)

When activated, you will have to battle enemies with melee tactics to regain shield energy.

Catch (Located: The Storm)

When activated, enemies will throw more grenades.

Famine (Located: The Ark)

When activated, dropped weapons will hold less ammunition.

Fog (Located: Floodgate)

When activated, the motion tracker disappears.

Iron (Located: Sierra 117)

When activated, you will be sent back to the beginning of the stage you’re on when you die instead of to the last checkpoint.

Mythic (Located: Halo)

When activated, all enemies will have twice as much health.

Thunderstorm (Located: The Covenant)

When activated, enemies will be of a higher rank.

Tilt (Located: Cortana)

When activated, enemies will become more resilient to your attacks.

Tough Luck (Located: Tsavo Highway)

When activated, enemies are skilled at getting away from projectiles such as grenades.

Unlockable: Spartan Armor Permutations

Unlock the following Spartan armor permutations by fulfilling the requirement listed…

  • EOD (Body) – Complete Tsavo Highway (on Legendary)
  • EOD (Head) – Complete the campaign mode (on Legendary)
  • EOD (Shoulders) – Complete The Ark (on Legendary)
  • EVA (Body) – Complete Tsavo Highway (on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary)
  • EVA (Head) – Complete the campaign mode (on Normal)
  • EVA (Shoulders) – Complete The Ark (on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary)
  • Mark V (Head) – Get the UNSC Spartan Achievement
  • ODST (Head) – Get the Spartan Graduate Achievement
  • Rogue (Head) – Get the Spartan Officer Achievement
  • Scout (Body) – Get the Too Close to the Sun Achievement
  • Scout (Head) – Get the Used Car Salesman Achievement
  • Scout (Shoulders) – Get the We’re in for Some Chop Achievement
  • Security (Head) – Get 1,000 Gamerscore Points
  • Security (Shoulders) – Get 750 Gamerscore Points

Hint: Skull Collecting

While collecting skulls, keep in mind that you have to start the stage from the beginning (not from a checkpoint), but once you acquire the skull you’re seeking, you can save and quit at any time without finishing the stage. This will allow you to collect skulls without having to worry about finishing the stage successfully.

Hint: Terminal Locations

You will unlock a secret achievement by finding all seven terminals listed below…

Terminals: The Ark

Go left through a door once in the very first building of the stage. The terminal is located beyond a curving passage.

A terminal is located right near the device that activates the bridge on this stage.

There’s a secret room in the third building which holds the third and final terminal on The Ark. After you come across and kill a group of sleeping Covenant enemies, head down the nearby corridor. You’ll reach a door that is locked if you do. To the left of the locked door is an open door. Head through the door, and then turn around to find the terminal.

Terminals: The Covenant

Head to the stage’s first tower and stand on the elevator. Face the control panel, and then turn left. Jump over the obstacle, and find the terminal you seek.

Head to the stage’s second tower and walk towards the entrance. When you come across a locked door, turn around to find the second of three terminals here.

Head to the stage’s third tower and stand on the elevator. Face the control panel, and then turn right. Jump over the obstacle, and find the third and final terminal on the stage.

Terminals: Halo

Traverse the first cave, and then head right until you come across a building. Walk along the passageway towards the building. Once inside, run left to find the terminal.

Scarab Mangling

Having trouble with a Scarab? Or maybe you don’t want to get on board (and abandon your bright, shiny Scorpion). Try this strategy instead: on the back of every Scarab, there is a circular glowing spot you can shoot to do damage (it is similar to the glowing spot on the back of Wraiths).

Locate the spot on the Scarab’s rear armor that is below its rotating anti-air “ass” (or abdomen) turret. A few shots from Hornet missiles or Scorpion tank shells and the armor will fall off and reveal the critical system you normally need to board to wreck. Don’t forget that shooting the Scarab’s legs will stop it from turning

Plasma Burnout

If you don’t have an Energy Drainer item, the plasma pistol’s charged shot can be used to stop vehicles (but doesn’t stop vehicle mounted weapons). Pack a plasma pistol when there are vehicles around; it’s the next best thing to a rocket launcher.

Submitted by ArcaneDreams

Hint: Custom Power-up Usage

The custom power-up you can add in the Forge will greatly make or break your game (depending on how many you put in your map and how fast they respawn). Since you can only adjust the custom power-up just before a match, be sure to jot down what effects you are looking for in a custom game.

Custom power-ups can only be used in Custom Games. Press BLUE to  the match options in a Custom Game. Go into Weapons and Vehicles, then locate the Custom Power-up Traits. Have fun!

Easter Egg: Funny Conversation

On the second level of the campaign, when you’re escorting characters to their ships, you can head the wrong away from where you’re supposed to go to complete your mission. If you do, you’ll run into two characters (separated by a door) having a humorous conversation.

Easter Egg: Cavemen

On the Sierra 117 mission, the Pelicans will crash. After that, you should clear the area like you normall would. As the area narrows as you proceed, there are some rocks on your left that you can jump on. Continue along a ledge thereafter. Once it heads down, you’ll pass a large boulder on your left. After you do, turn around and take a look where the wall and the boulder intersect. You’ll see a family of primitive cavemen-like people!

Easter Egg: Spartan 117

When you beat the game, you will be shown a memorial for the men and women that died in-game. Spartan 117 is one of those considered KIA, but if you wait for the crs to end at the end of the game, you will see that Spartan 117 is very much alive (this only applies if the game is finished on any difficulty but Easy).

Easter Egg: Elephant Flipper

In the Forge,  the Sandtrap map and create a Scorpion. You can use the tank to lift and flip the Elephant (the large Sandcrawler vehicle). Once the Elephant is upside down (or undrivable), approach it to flip the vehicle and get a humorous message.