Halo 3 ODST: Skull Locations

Hey everyone! We havn’t posted much useful ODST info in a while becuase we have been busy finding some amazing stuff just for you! Our mission has been accomplished! You will be getting better secret info about Halo 3 ODST everyday! Be sure to come back to the blog everyday to see some knew posts! For today, here is the locations for the Skulls on the custom games maps Citadel, Heretic and Longshore. These maps will be found on the second disk you recieved with Halo 3 ODST 

Here is a video showing you the locations of the skull on the map Citadel:

Here is a video showing you the locations of the skull on the map Heretic:

Here is a video showing you the locations of the skull on the map Longshore:


Cloning People in Forge

Hey everyone! Sorry we have not posted in a while. Today, we will show you a cool forge trick that allows you to forge spartans and elites into maps. It is a video tutorial, please enjoy!

Important Points not in video:

  1. Before you being the forge, hit X to go to forge options and make the Damage Resistance for the Player 10%!
  2. A ball contraption is not always necassary, you just need to get rid of your shields!

Halo 3 Forged Map: Crypt of Doom

Hey everyone! I have found a really cool Halo 3 forged map that you should download to your Xbox360 Console! It is called The Crypt of Doom. (If you do not know how to download forged Halo 3 maps click here) It is by far the most impressive Halo 3 Forge ever! Check it out:

 This map is an Indiana Jones type of game where you can your friends go through a maze built in sandtrap that have switched doors, footstep triggering traps and wall jumping stepping stones activated by touch. It is used with the Indiana Jones game type in Oddball. The object is to get to the skull with the help of your teammates. You will definatly enjoy this map!

Here is a video showing you the Crypt of Doom map:

Click here for  the Crypt of Doom map.

Click here for the Indiana Jones Gametype for the Crypt of Doom map.

Download Forged Maps to Xbox360 Console

Hey everyone! Once you have your Xbox 360 connected to the internet with Xbox live Silver or gold, lets take Halo 3 Forging to the next level! (If you don’t know how to connect your Xbox 360 to Xbox Live click here) Yes, you can forge your own stuff and make your own games. Or, you can select millions of maps that other people have created and download them straight to your Xbox 360! Here is a picture of where you can download the games from:

All the boxes you see are maps that you can download! Simply click download and you will have the map. Not to mention you may also download gametypes! You can have hours of fun by just a click of a button! But how do you do this? I will show you.

  1. Go to the following URL:  http://www.bungie.net/online/communityfiles.aspx?tags=&filefilter=4&sort=1&page=0
  2. This is the bungie site where you can make your account to download the maps!

  1. Select Sign Up Now! and follow the onscreen insturctions.

Your done! Simply log on to your account, and click the download button fro any map varient, gametype varient, picture, video or any other content you want donwloaded to your system. Because your account is connected to your gamer tag, the content you downloaded will be available to you the next time you access Halo 3 or Halo 3 ODST. It will take a few minutes for the content to be availiable. It will tell you on your T.V screen that the content is donwloaded. Then you will obviously beable to use it! Enjoy! 

Once again, the URL for downloading the maps is  http://www.bungie.net/online/communityfiles.aspx?tags=&filefilter=4&sort=1&page=0

Matchmaking EXP Chart

Posted on May 17, 2009 by blaze97531 |

The Ranks

Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Skill Level
Recruit 1 EXP – 1 PXP


Apprentice 2 EXP – 2 PXP


Apprentice Grade 2 3 EXP – 3 PXP


Private 5 EXP – 4 PXP


Private Grade 2 7 EXP – 5 PXP


Corporal 10 EXP – 7 PXP


Corporal Grade 2 15 EXP – 10 PXP


Sergeant 20 EXP – 12 PXP


Sergeant Grade 2 30 EXP – 15 PXP


Sergeant Grade 3 40 EXP – 20 PXP


Gunnery Sergeant 50 EXP – 25 PXP


Gunnery Sergeant Grade 2 60 EXP – 30 PXP


Gunnery Sergeant Grade 3 150 EXP – 35 PXP


Gunnery Sergeant Grade 4 Master Gunnery Sergeant300 EXP – 40 PXP


Lieutenant 70 EXP – 50 PXP


Lieutenant Grade 2 85 EXP – 60 PXP


Lieutenant Grade 3 200 EXP – 70 PXP


Lieutenant Grade 4 First Lieutenant400 EXP – 85 PXP


Captain 100 EXP – 100 PXP


Captain Grade 2 150 EXP – 110 PXP


Captain Grade 3 300 EXP – 120 PXP


Captain Grade 4 Staff Captain600 EXP – 135 PXP


Major 200 EXP – 150 PXP


Major Grade 2 300 EXP – 160 PXP


Major Grade 3 600 EXP – 170 PXP


Major Grade 4 Field Major1200 EXP – 185 PXP


Commander 300 EXP – 200 PXP


Commander Grade 2 450 EXP – 225 PXP


Commander Grade 3 900 EXP – 250 PXP


Commander Grade 4 Strike Commander1800 EXP – 275 PXP


Colonel 400 EXP – 300 PXP


Colonel Grade 2 600 EXP – 325 PXP


Colonel Grade 3 1200 EXP – 350 PXP


Colonel Grade 4 Force Colonel2400 EXP – 375 PXP


Brigadier 500 EXP – 400 PXP


Brigadier Grade 2 1000 EXP – 425 PXP


Brigadier Grade 3 2000 EXP – 450 PXP


Brigadier Grade 4 Brigadier General4000 EXP – 475 PXP


General 600 EXP – 500 PXP


General Grade 2 1200 EXP – 1000 PXP


General Grade 3 2500 EXP – 2000 PXP


General Grade 4 5 Star General5000 EXP – 3000 PXP




EXP is the total amount of XP needed to be that rank globally. PXP is the amount of XP needed to advance to that rank in a playlist(what is displayed in the matchmaking lobby)

This content was taken from http://halowiki.net/p/Ranks. Pictures were removed from the chart because they would not work.

For example, If you started playing halo 3 and got 40 EXP all in the Social Slayer playlist, you would be a Sergeant Grade 3 globally, but in the lobby your rank would be a master gunnery sergeant in that playlist.

You gain one xp for each game you win, or finish in the top half of free for all (except double exp, when you get 2)

Placing multiple neutral bomb spawn points on a map

Posted on May 11, 2009 by blaze97531 |  

In forge, when you are placing the assault gametype goals, it is possible to place more than one bomb spawn point set to neutral. The bomb will randomly spawn at one of those points when playing neutral assault. It may change after each detonation. This prevents teams from camping the bomb spawn so they can get repeated scores.

Respawn Area Settings in Forge, and How they relate to teams in Custom Games

Posted on March 14, 2009 by blaze97531 |  

This assumes no gaps, and only used the first four teams, Red, Blue, Green and Orange. It was done on a Sandbox with a respawn area, starting point, and respawn point in the area for each team, as well as indicator land marks in each area

When starting the game the game selects a respawn team for red from the first four teams available in a four team game. Then rest of the teams follow sequence behind it, but when they get to the highest team from the first four, they reset.

For Example:

Red Spawns at the zone “3rd Team” Blue spawns at “4th Team” Green Spawns at “Defenders” and Orange spawns at “Attackers” The zones “5th Team”, “6th Team”, “7th Team”, and “8th Team” are unused.