Connect Xbox 360 to Xbox Live

Hey everyone! This is a post that will soon be followed up another post that will teach you how to download forged Halo 3 maps from the computer to your Xbox 360s console! To bebale to do that, you need to be connected to Xbox live! A lot of you at this point is probably saying oh no, I need to pay, of course. Wrong, Gold is not needed, only silver which is what I can help you obtain. It is very simple but this is how you do it:

What you Need:

  1. USB Wire or Ethernet Cable (Wire that comes with Xbox 360)
  2. An Xbox360 Console
  3. A controller
  4. A T.V.

What to Do:

  1. Take the USB wire or ethernet cord and attach it to the opening in the back of the Xbox360 Console.
  2. Attach the other end of the Wire into an internet Jack in thr wall.
  3. Turn on the Xbox360 and let the update load.
  4.   Create an Xbox live character and enjoy Xbox360 combined with the internet! (Sorry no web browsing!)