How to Use this Blog

Sometimes navigating a blog or site can be difficult. Information can be presented in many different ways. Its all different and now we are going to explain to everyone how they can navigate through this blog to get all the information about Halo 3 and Halo 3 ODST.

In the middle part, you will see all of our posts. The top post is the most recent post while the bottome post is the oldest. As more posts are piled on, the older posts eventually go onto another page, then another page, and so on. This is why there is something on the left side of the blog called catagories. Click on any catagory that you wish to view a topic about. Then select the title of the post you wish to read. You will get a small sample of the post underneath the title.

At the top are page tabs. Select them to go to that page. So far we only have 2 pages excluding the Home tag which is not a page. No page includes any hidden Halo information.

Archives are also located on the Left side. Click on a month and you can view all the posts posted in that month.

This is just a short article that teaches everyone how to get the full Halo effect out of this blog. Though this stuff may be obviuose to some, others might find it more difficult to find the information they seek. Have fun browsing through the entire blog!


2 Responses

  1. Im glad to see H3 has survived,but the multiplayer is just the usual armor and jumping dummies madder then hell that i payed 60$ for a new single player mission.bungie better get right with theyre customers or theyll be the next sega

    • i think that h3 was good even for the price multiplayer they could add more maps but other than that it was a great game

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