Bungie’s Scoop on Halo Reach’s Campaign Progress

Well, Bungie has kind of kept us fans in the dark about Halo Reach’s Campaign. What do you think? I think the Beta has been getting most of the attention recently, but the actual story or campaign is completely left out in Bungie’s recent talk. Well, sadly, Bungie is still leaving us in the dark but brought the light a little closer. Yesterday, April 12, about 40 people were invited to Bungie to play the PT4. The PT4 is the Campaign Play Test 4. Yes, 40 people did get to play the game. (Yes, I am jelous too.) Of course, the campiagn has been tested many, many times before this test. They wanted people outside of Bungie to give the game a try. Of course, the campaign is not finished. Though, you can still generally play it without all the little details that make the game great. Bungie doesn’t give much detail about the campaign, but explains that the campiagn will feel a lot more “real”.

As for the Beta, the Bungie team is putting their final tweaks into the multiplayer beta at the moment. They are working really hard to put the final tweaks into this Beta. I beleive it will definatly live up the expectations.


Halo Reach Multiplayer Beta Info Overload

Information on the new Halo Reach Beta has really been kept on the down-low by Bungie. Yeah a few weapons and Armor Abilites have been revealed, but nothing really along the lines of the Multiplayer Beta. Well Halo Reach fans, that’s all about to change!

With the Multiplayer Beta, four new Halo Maps arrive. The four maps are called: Overlook, Swordhouse, Powerhouse and Boneyard.

Above is a picture of the map titled Powerhouse

Lars Bakken, on the Multiplayer Beta team with Bungie describes the new map Powerhouse:

“You know, I’m really growing to love Powerhouse. That’s kind of our outdoor, pioneer aesthetic — which is what the pioneer structures look like on Reach. The artists have done a lot of work background concepting what that space would look like. Those buildings and that area of Reach and that particular map I find really fun to run around in. It’s kind of a cool nice, breezy outdoor space. I love the sightlines in it and I love the mix of indoor and outdoor combat that you get in it. It’s quickly becoming my favorite in the Beta maps.”

This map is said to be designed for a new gametype engineered by Bungie. It’s called 4 on 4 Slayer which is pretty self explanitory. (Teams of 4 fight each other)

As most gamers found, the graphic change from Halo 3 to Halo 3: ODST did not seem that great. Let me put it in simple terms: The Graphics Did Not Change At All! Although, in Halo Reach, the entire graphics system and engine has changed! Basically, the graphics will be amazing compared to Halo 3.

Inside of Powerhouse

Here is an example of the detail put into these maps. As you move closer to an object, detail is created. Though, as you begin to move away, detail disapears.

Halo Reach focuses on making all players happy. It includes both large and small maps. If you are a fan of “small, intence maps” you won’t be dissapointed.

Picture of multiplayer map titles Bonyard
We won’t be talking much about this map becuase Bungie decided to keep this map a secret. Of course, in the near future, detail will be dished out. But for now this is all we got. Boneyard is described as completely crazy and one of the biggest maps bungie has done. Apparently, it was inspired by the Beaches in Bangladesh. So, I guess we will just have to wait for Bungie to reveil more detail.
Picture of Map titles Overlook
Alright, moving along to the next map brings us to Overlook. Shown by the screenshot, Overlook looks like a nice open map that can make a Multiplayer Experience even better! Overlook is actually an area in the campaign of Reach that was taken out, changed a bit, and put into the Multiplayer beta. These changes were necassary to simply make the Multiplayer Beta Experience more enjoyable.
Picutre of Multiplayer map titled Swordbase
If you ask me, Swordbase looks like a very “interesting” map. It looks like a map that some people will either hate or love. It has the enclosed look that only certain people enjoy. I like open maps such as Overlook.


Like I said, Swordhouse looks very enclosed, but Bungie is here to make all fans enjoy Halo Reach. Swordhouse looks enclosed, but really is a 5 story complex map perfect for sniping and camping. I would not suggest running out like a maniac becuase that will not work. Be ready to fight more tactically!

On these kinds of maps, gamers must be concerend about the power of Armor Abilities. Bungie is doing thier best to try and contain these not make the Armor Abilities too controlling. Jet Packs will beable to get you into places that most people will not beable to get into. Though Bungie is trying to limit the “cheapness” get ready for a completely new gameplay. Any kind of new type of mass power will result in a new gameplay.

Here is another look at Boneyard. Boneyard will be used mostely for as a vehicle map. Get ready to see new gameplay, new weapons and sweet to vehicles come May 3rd when the Beta kicks off. See you then!

Halo Reach: Energy Sword

Energy Sword:

The Type-1 Energy Weapon/Sword (or T1 EW/S) is more commonly identified as the Energy Sword. This weapon consists of a grip that contains an energy storage/generation device and the blade projector and, when activated a blade composed of plasma stabilized within an energy field. The exact mechanism by which it functions is currently under investigation

Say hello to the One Hit Kill weapon in Halo Reach. Yes, there are  others, but attract a lot of attention becuase they are all pretty much explosions. This sword can be amazing if used by the stealthy. One slash and your enemy is dead. This weapon is automatically be picked up if it is seen laying on the ground. But, be sure to have a long ranged weapon as your secondary. The Energy Sword is close ranged and anyone using it sololy could be killed easily be someone from the distance.

Halo Reach: Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launcher:

The M41SSR MAV/AW (more formally Medium Anti-Vehicle / Assault Weapon, Bore 102mm, M41 Surface-to-Surface Rocket launcher) is a man-portable, shoulder-fired, two-tube, 102mm rocket launcher. It has two main components: the magazine (the disposable part of the system) and the launcher.

This weapon is one of the few weapons that you can reley on to completely obliterate enemies and vehicles. The lock on heat seaking rockets from Halo 2 are not yet known to be back. If you find one of these on the ground, the recommended idea is to give the weapon to marine, becuase they will then have amazing accuracy and unlimited ammo. Though, if you feel you can wield this powerful weapon just as well, use it and create mass destruction.

Halo Reach: Needler


The Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher (or T33 GML) is more commonly identified as the Needler. It fires unconventional projectiles that are very long and very sharp—hence Needler. The projectiles are guided by some unknown mechanism and detonate several seconds after coming to rest in soft tissue.

This dangerous covenant weapon can cause massive damage to crowds of enemies quickly. When duel wielded, damage is doubled as well as casualities. Definatly pick up one of these if you see one. Although, ammunition runs out quickly.

Halo Reach: Magnum


The M6G (more formally Personal Defense Weapon System, Caliber 12.7mm, M6) is a semi-automatic, recoil-operated, magazine-fed handgun. It is the standard sidearm of all UNSC personnel and is highly regarded for its ruggedness and reliability. Several variants are issued with the smart-linked KFA-2 x2 scope.

Not a very useful weapon. We have yet to find a real use of this weapon. Taking down enemies with this weapon is a last resort option. Chances are you will die.

Halo Reach: Gravity Hammer

Gravity Hammer

The Type-2 Energy Weapon/Hammer (or T2 EW/H) is more commonly identified as the Gravity Hammer. This weapon consists of a haft, head, and blade. A field generator, which is located in the head, emits a kinetic pulse (~4.5 meters). The exact mechanism by which it functions is currently under investigation.

If you need to send people or vehicles  miles away or into the sky, this is your kind of weapon. Upon direct impact, what ever is in your way will be completely obliterated. If impact is not direct, that object could be sent for a ride to the other end of the battle field. This weapon is mainly used by Brute Chieftans. If you happen to kill a Cheiftan and they drop this weapon, picking it up is almost mandatory.