Play With Us

This page will allow you to have a good chance of actaully playing our admins in Halo 3 or Halo 3 ODST!

How to Play with the Admins:

  1. Log onto Xbox Live and add the Admin you wish to play online with to your friends list.
  2. When sending a friend request, make sure you attach a message in text form saying “Halo Blogs”.
  3. When we exept the friend request, that means that you will beable to play with us
  4. Wait for us to get online or message us a time and date (Be sure to state what time zone that time is in!)
  5. Once we are online, send a request for us to join your game
  6. After we play a few games, we will exit and delete you from the friends list


  1. There must be at least 4 people playing including the admin
  2. There will be no chatting between admin and player
  3. No modded maps will be played
  4. Matchmaking games are acceptable (Admin and player or players must be in a party)
  5. No other games besides Halo 3 or Halo 3 ODST will be played
  6. There will be no Campiagn or Fire Fight played

Admins Gamertags:

Admin Name                                              Gamertag

  • Haloboyy1928                             Haloboyy1928
  • Seth4563                                        Seth4563

4 Responses

  1. ill make sure 2 ask 2 play

  2. on the support weapons the missle pod isnt attched to a base like the plasma turret

    • The missile pod is attached to the base in campaign and firefight. At the pelican at the end of the “NMPD Headquaters” level, there are two missile pod turrets on bases. In addition, in the firefight mission “Windward,” there are two missile pod turrets located outside on bases.

      • o thanks

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