Halo Reach: Boneyard, Invasion and Much, Much More!

Hey everyone! Bungie has just released some great info on Halo Reach this week! We will be talking about Invasion, Boneyard, Loadouts, vehicles, and weapons on Boneyard, Controls, and much more! So lets get started!

Below is an area of Boneyard in March.

When the Bungie teams got thier hands on this place, they turned it into this:

Amazing what Bungie did with the map in only a few months. No extra space was added and this is the same area. Bungie informs that The first space you need to be familiar with is the exterior expanse set Continue reading


Halo Reach Bundles Announced!

Bungie has finally revelaed the different bundles you can buy with Halo Reach!

Halo Reach Standered Addition:

Yeah, it’s the basic addition that casual players will buy. This is simply the box and the game that will likely be sold for $59.99. If you are not a super hard core gamer, don’t be ashamed if you just buy this.

Halo: Reach Limited Edition:

This is where Bungie starts to test how big of a Halo fan you really are. The Price is $79.99, and the Limited Edition Bundle comes with the following:

  • Game disc housed in recovered ONI ”black box”
  • An exclusive in-game Elite armor set for use in multiplayer modes
  • Artifact bag containing Dr. Halsey’s personal journal and other classified documents and effects that unravel long held secrets from the Halo Universe
  • I would say this bundle is really for Semi Big Time Halo Players. Don’t buy this if you are an ameture. But, of course, this is my opinion. Buy whatever you feel is right!

    Halo: Reach Legendary Edition Continue reading

    Halo Reach Beta Stats Breakdown

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to say that we apologize for not posting relevant information on Reach in a while. A lot of info has come out and we will keep you updated from now on. Recently, Bungie gave us fans the breakdown on how the Beta’s game play stats will be shown on Bungie.net!

    The following stats will be visible about all Halo Reach Beta users on Bungie.net

    Service Record:

    • Game History List
    • Post Game Carnage Reports

    Career Stats: Continue reading

    Halo Reach Gametype Extra

    Hey everyone! Bungie has released even more information about all the Gametypes found in the Halo Reach Beta and Game. If you have not already read about all the Halo Reach Gametypes, Click Here! That link will bascially take you to another post on our blog that will show you all the gametypes. We will be adding extra information just released about those gaemtypes. Just to get you out of the dark, click that link! With Halo Reach Beta just around the corner, Bungie is frantically getting last minute details into the game and revealing the info they can to us on a weekly basis.

    Grab Bag

    Choose this gametype and play all your favorite games randomly! Roll your luck and see what you get!

    Free for All

    This is for you players that don’t belive teamwork is the key. Go around on your own and kill everyone in sight. When you have a skull over your head, you will realize you are Continue reading

    Halo Reach Game Modes Revealed

    Well, with the Halo Reach Beta just around the corner, Bungie is giving us another bit of information. They have given up Armor Abilities and Maps, but the missing piece is the actual game types they have built. Well, Bungie has finally decided to release the information. These Game Types are called:

    1. Headhunter
    2. Stockpile
    3. Generator Defense
    4. Invasion

    Please enjoy reading all about the new Game Types:


    Alright, this game sounds like a lot of fun. Basically, the objective is to the score the most points for your team by delivering skulls to the extraction point that moves. When someone is killed, they drop the skulls that they are carrying. If they do not have any skulls, they drop one skull. So, you need to collect as many skulls as you can to help you and your team to win. You can carry as many skulls as you want and you will have full access to all your weapons and armor abilities. The downside is all enemies can see a number of how many skulls you have above your head. If you have a lot of skulls, don’t be surprised if the entire enemy team somes after you!

    Above is a picture of someone dying while having 8 skulls in their possession. It would really suck, in my opinion, if you decided to be greedy and Continue reading

    Halo Reach Main Menu

    Enjoy this leaked video of Halo Reach’s main menu screen:

    Well, as you guys can see, everything in Halo 3 is back to Halo Reach.

    Bungie’s Scoop on Halo Reach’s Campaign Progress

    Well, Bungie has kind of kept us fans in the dark about Halo Reach’s Campaign. What do you think? I think the Beta has been getting most of the attention recently, but the actual story or campaign is completely left out in Bungie’s recent talk. Well, sadly, Bungie is still leaving us in the dark but brought the light a little closer. Yesterday, April 12, about 40 people were invited to Bungie to play the PT4. The PT4 is the Campaign Play Test 4. Yes, 40 people did get to play the game. (Yes, I am jelous too.) Of course, the campiagn has been tested many, many times before this test. They wanted people outside of Bungie to give the game a try. Of course, the campaign is not finished. Though, you can still generally play it without all the little details that make the game great. Bungie doesn’t give much detail about the campaign, but explains that the campiagn will feel a lot more “real”.

    As for the Beta, the Bungie team is putting their final tweaks into the multiplayer beta at the moment. They are working really hard to put the final tweaks into this Beta. I beleive it will definatly live up the expectations.