Halo Reach Main Menu

Enjoy this leaked video of Halo Reach’s main menu screen:

Well, as you guys can see, everything in Halo 3 is back to Halo Reach.


Halo Reach Beta Video

Hey everyone! Bungie has just released a video of what the new Reach Beta will look like! It has the game play which shows new weapons, vehicles, and awesome new skills like knifing! Be sure to check it out! I heard that Reach is going to come out September 30th! The date hasn’t been officially released yet but according to some sites where you can pre order the game from, each person that pre orders that game should get it by September 1st! We will post new Reach information as soon as we find more!

Halo 3 ODST Legendary Ending

Hey everyone! Like Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST alos has an alternative ending if beaten on a Legendary Difficulty! Here is the ending:

Halo 3 Forged Map: Crypt of Doom

Hey everyone! I have found a really cool Halo 3 forged map that you should download to your Xbox360 Console! It is called The Crypt of Doom. (If you do not know how to download forged Halo 3 maps click here) It is by far the most impressive Halo 3 Forge ever! Check it out:

 This map is an Indiana Jones type of game where you can your friends go through a maze built in sandtrap that have switched doors, footstep triggering traps and wall jumping stepping stones activated by touch. It is used with the Indiana Jones game type in Oddball. The object is to get to the skull with the help of your teammates. You will definatly enjoy this map!

Here is a video showing you the Crypt of Doom map:

Click here for  the Crypt of Doom map.

Click here for the Indiana Jones Gametype for the Crypt of Doom map.