Halo Reach Gametype Extra

Hey everyone! Bungie has released even more information about all the Gametypes found in the Halo Reach Beta and Game. If you have not already read about all the Halo Reach Gametypes, Click Here! That link will bascially take you to another post on our blog that will show you all the gametypes. We will be adding extra information just released about those gaemtypes. Just to get you out of the dark, click that link! With Halo Reach Beta just around the corner, Bungie is frantically getting last minute details into the game and revealing the info they can to us on a weekly basis.

Grab Bag

Choose this gametype and play all your favorite games randomly! Roll your luck and see what you get!

Free for All

This is for you players that don’t belive teamwork is the key. Go around on your own and kill everyone in sight. When you have a skull over your head, you will realize you are super fast, defey gravity and have a Gravity Hammer. Once your skull becomes a bullseye, you are no longer super powered. Someone else it. First person to 150 points, 10 points for every Juggarnt kill and 5 points for each player that somehow kills the Juggarnat.

Headhunter Extra

 Click the link in the first part of the post to see the description for this game.

Bungie has now revealed that in the Beta, this game will be all man for themselves. When you buy the game when it comes out, there will be a team version. Bascially the scoring works like this:

  • 25 Skulls to Win
  • Deliver 10 skulls at once and receive Skullamanjaro, you will automatically win

Well, thats all Bungie gave us this week. Bungie claims that next weeks info is supposed to be amazing! We will just have to  wait until then.


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